Community Goals

  • April 7, 2022
  • Finished

    Taurus Mining Ventures Initiative

    Location: Synuefe CE-R c21-6 / Heart of Taurus | Contributors: 2,457 | End: Apr 7, 2022

    Taurus Mining Ventures has requested help with a mining and delivery operation in the Synuefe CE-R c21-6 system.

    In recent weeks, the mining corporation has performed research on what it claims are atypical radiation signatures detected within Synuefe CE-R c21-6. It now seeks shipments of the system's native ores to explore commercially valuable applications of any molecular changes caused by this radiation.

    Dr Ruben Carpenter, head of the company's research division, outlined the initiative:

    "I'm very excited to offer pilots this opportunity to support our scientific studies, which will hopefully prove lucrative for all involved. We require coltan, lithium hydroxide and methanol monohydrate crystals to be mined from locations within Synuefe CE-R c21-6 and delivered to the Heart of Taurus megaship."

    "We will also pay for shipments of the same ores that have been mined from other systems. These will allow us to compare samples, in order to refine our commercial processes."

    In addition to credit rewards, Taurus Mining Ventures is offering up to three paintjobs to the top 75% of participants. The number of paintjobs available will be dependant on the Tier reached.

    Tier 1: Type-6 Military Sand Tier 2: Type-9 Squadron Shadow Tier 3: Python Green Apollo

    The faction has set out a seven day campaign, which will end early on Thursday 7th April 3308.

  • March 31, 2022
  • Finished

    Reorte auf Unabhängigkeit vorbereiten

    Location: Reorte / Davies High | Contributors: 1,001 | End: Mar 31, 2022

    Deliveries to Reorte Mining Coalition will determine the system's future status.

    The system's controlling faction wishes to declare independence, in protest against Sirius Corporation's proposed anti-xeno defence pact with the Alliance Defence Force.

    Reorte Mining Coalition's CEO Fergus Cassidy announced:

    "Prime Minister Mahon's insistence on working with Sirius leads us to believe our interests are best served outside of the Alliance. To prepare for Reorte's potential transition to an independent system, we ask for shipments of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators to be delivered to Davies High starport."

    It is expected that if Reorte Mining Coalition is successful, all systems currently under its governance would similarly be classified as independent.

    The dual initiatives begin on the 24th of March 3308 and will run for one week. Should the campaign to support Reorte Mining Coalition reach the maximum tier it will end immediately.

  • Finished

    Helfen Sie Reorte, in der Allianz zu bleiben

    Location: Reorte / Trobairitz | Contributors: 3,720 | End: Mar 31, 2022

    Deliveries to the Reorte Pro-Alliance League will help determine the system's status.

    The system's controlling faction, Reorte Mining Coalition, wishes to declare independence in protest against Sirius Corporation's proposed anti-xeno defence pact with the Alliance Defence Force.

    Another faction in the system, the Reorte Pro-Alliance League, broadcast a statement in opposition by chief administrator Louisa Leblanc:

    "Severing Reorte's links with the Alliance over some misguided idealism would be hasty and short-sighted, given the Thargoid threat this defence pact is intended to prepare for. We believe that increasing supplies of advanced medicines, skimmer components and building fabricators will reassure the public of the security benefits of membership."

    "The Alioth Independents faction has kindly provided a megaship, the Trobairitz, where pilots can deliver these commodities."

    Although Sirius Corporation is not officially involved with these competing initiatives, the megacorp is offering a pre-engineered heat sink module to independent pilots who make deliveries to the Trobairitz. The heat sink module has increased ammo at no extra mass, but with a longer reload time.

    • The top 75% of contributors will receive one pre-engineered heat sink module.
    • The top 50% of contributors will receive two pre-engineered heat sink modules.
    • The top 25% of contributors will receive three pre-engineered heat sink modules.

    The dual initiatives begin on the 24th of March 3308 and will run for one week. Should the campaign to support the Reorte Pro-Alliance League reach the maximum tier it will end immediately.

  • March 24, 2022
  • Finished

    Maintain Security In Gliese 868

    Location: Gliese 868 / Bacon Port | Contributors: 6,040 | End: Mar 24, 2022

    Federal authorities have requested help in hunting down a notorious pirate gang in the Gliese 868 system.

    The call to arms was broadcast by the faction Gliese 868 Services:

    "Recently, most Federal security services have been focused on dealing with political protests. This provided opportunities for criminals to cause havoc, by raiding trade convoys and committing piracy against ships throughout the region."

    "With the aid of Congressional funding, we have initiated a campaign to destroy all wanted vessels operating within our system. Independent pilots are requested to help us eliminate the threat that these criminals pose and claim the bounties placed on them."

    In a statement to the newsfeed, Secretary of State Lana Berkovich said:

    "Public interest in the Hudson Contravention is intense, with feelings running high on both sides. But it is regrettable that this has tied up our security forces and given free rein to these felons. All members of Congress have agreed that, with the support of the galactic community, we must make an example of them to deter further criminality."

    Bounty vouchers can be redeemed at Bacon Port in Gliese 868. The campaign is expected to run until the 24th of March 3308.

  • March 10, 2022
  • Finished

    Colonia Bridge Project Phase Four - Alcor

    Location: Alcor / Macdonald Settlement | Contributors: 8,599 | End: Mar 10, 2022

    Delivery campaigns in the Alcor and Colonia systems will complete the six starports along the Colonia Bridge.

    Months of work on developing the transportation infrastructure between the core systems and the Colonia region are now coming to an end. Brewer Corporation's latest press release specified the requirements:

    "Phase four of the Colonia Bridge project has finally reached its conclusion. Thanks to the many shipments provided by contributors, all six starports now offer bartender, material trader and mission services."

    "For this final week, we are asking pilots to deliver auto-fabricators, micro controllers and resonating separators to Macdonald Settlement in the Alcor system. These will allow us to install outfitting, shipyard and tech broker services as we bring the starports to full operational status."

    "Brewer Corporation is grateful to independent pilots for their dedication to constructing the Colonia Bridge. We are therefore pleased to offer various classes of pre-engineered, overcharged power plants as well as exploration decals to the top 75% of contributors to this concluding stage."

    "Finally, this is the last chance for pilots to obtain a Brewer Corporation decal, which will be awarded to every contributor to any of the Colonia Bridge initiatives as a token of gratitude."

    Each tier reached will enable Brewer Corporation to establish a further service to five starports branching out from Alcor, as follows:

    Tier 1: Outfitting Tier 2: Shipyard Tier 3: Human Tech Broker

    If Tiers 1, 2 and 3 are successfully reached, the top 75% of participants will be awarded a 3A, 4A and 5A Pre-Engineered Overcharged Power Plant respectively.

    The Exploration decals are available for participating in this final initiative only. The decal colours provided are based on contribution as follows:

    Top 75%: Emissive Red, Emissive White and Emissive Blue Top 50%: Bronze Top 25%: Silver Top 10%: Gold

    These decals will be awarded cumulatively.

    The top ten contributors for each of the Colonia Bridge initiatives will have the opportunity to be named in tourist beacons that will commemorate the project's conclusion. Every Commander who has contributed to any of the Colonia Bridge initiatives will receive a Brewer Corp decal.

    This campaign begins on the 3rd of March 3308 and will run for one week.