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MSR Serenity Valley [MSR-B5]
(Diamondback Explorer)
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May 8, 2017
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1,185,241,349 Cr
Journal of an Exiled Misfit, Waiting at Explorers Anchorage for my mining gear

well finally made it close to Sag A*, the station looks second hand and seems to be lacking even basic cleaning robots. but hey beggars can't be choosers and it does have a rustic charm that is growing on me, and so I ordered my mining equipment from Omega Mining cost a small fortune and the wait was silly. considering some commanders can get to and from colonia in 36 hours including sleep breaks, I would love to know what Galactic Logistics is doing the other 36 hours probably joyriding around white dwarfs.

well at least I should be ready to start mining to help get the rest of station working, fingers crossed there are not many pirates or murderers out here (famous last words lol).

Jornal of an Exiled Misfit, The start of explorer fatigue

Launched from Wp4 and started the usual routine of jump, honk, scan, map any water world, elw, or ammonia world then jump to next. and started to wonder if there was any real point to this routine other than making money to maintain my fleet of ships, just seems that the usual excitement of exploring is slowly dropping as I get further from the bubble.

looking back through the records of the first distant worlds expedition there was so much unknown and with CMDR Salome adding a lot of mystery, it makes me wonder if we will have a chance to find a galaxy wide mystery or weather we are just going over the same old territory that others have been through. guess we will see what happens, hope I find something unique soon

Jornal of an Exiled Misfit, Midway through WP3 to WP4 leg of DW2

Hectic couple of Days found a beautiful ringed water world orbiting a nice white blue star, photographed it for my first discovered scrapbook and thought I had mapped for the all important first discovered and mapped tags. got to Sacagawea spaceport sold the data for about 41 million credits, and was planning my next stop on this leg of the journey. as I was going through the computer and physical copies of star charts and maps I suddenly realised that the planet I had found and mapped and named unofficially as "Jewel" was not actually mapped, so instead of having a relaxing flight to the collection of wonders and on to the hammer nebula I did a 39 jump round trip back to Jewel and map it before someone decides to take the bragging rights from me.

luckily I made it and Jewel had rightfully had myself as the soul discoverer and mapper of her beautifully flawless surface of sky blue ocean, and knowing I only travel 5 days out of 7. I have 2 days plus I still manage to keep a spare days travel for emergencies or just to do some geology or biology on surfaces.

Journal of an Exiled Misfit, Waiting for Wp 4 announcement at Site Delta

Woke up this morning still trying to figure out why our basecamp was attacked and by whom, all I know for certain is that it will probably be a case of all hands on deck for our launch to WP4.

still, I am alive and sat in my living quarters with a nice cup of fujin tea and a cigarette I can't help feeling that this grand expedition is being followed not just by the usual psychopaths and criminals, but by something more sinister. There were rumours at the academy that there was a secret club of powerful people controlling every part of our lives, and since the death of CMDR Salome and the whole formidine rift mystery most pilots just shrug and carry on. but for some like myself this is a reason we travel out in the black to investigate and probe, to find the things most people miss and bring them in to light and share with the rest of humanity.

then again it is probably the start of the mythical space madness, only time will tell lets hope I am wrong

Jornal of an Exiled Misfit, Day Something on Distant Worlds 2

Well after what I believe is 3 weeks of jumping, mining, jumping, losing srv's to stupid mechanical problems, and more jumping. finally made it back to Conflux Delta Site and was greeted by a friendly bunch of fellow DW2 members, and as is always the case when groups of more than 2 explorers get together friendly shenanigans happened, then suddenly without provocation our SRV's were attacked by 2 unfriendly pilots possibly there to make sure we don't find anything we are not supposed to. once they were given a good beating by the armed ships amongst our little group, the group slowly went there separate ways, some going back to rohini to sell data and codex entries, other went to look around the 3 other sites. but for me I had a date with 2 canyons.

now I am not the fastest or greatest SRV/SLF driver in galaxy, and thankfully I proved it during the first SRV/SLF races that were officially allowed by DW2 management to let pilots let off so steam. I lost 3 SRV's in those races which resulted in DNF for both races, the SLF racing i faired better 2 sixth places, 1 fifth place and in the last race a respectable second place.

as of writing i am preparing to head back to rohini for a final once over by the outfitting department and restock before i set off ready for week 4 and everything it will throw at me and my SRV's, God help me i must mad!

Day one of Preparations for Distant Worlds 2 Expedition...

Been 2 weeks since The Enigma Expedition disbanded, and yet the life of a pilot is never finished. Already bought the sister ship to speed of dark, the speed of silence. she has been engineered as well as possible but rumors around the misfit tower is that there has been a breakthrough in engineering which can improve most modules to top end specifications, but until then i decided to work towards my rank with the federation and also do some short range exploration trips of the space and nebulae around Barnards Loop.

first 2 days of enigma expedition.

well everything went well we set off to waypoint 1 and everything was fine. next waypoint was busy, the third waypoint was a right mess i crashed my DBX in to the planet after trying to turn my ship around to land. so to catch up i decided that i need to jump like a mad woman so it was time for the speed of dark to be need, took just 24 jumps to get from Bava my faction home system to Mammon then 16 jumps to 46 upsilon sagatarii and planet ship eater. instead of trying to land again i went straight to way point 4 and got to one of the most beautiful views i have seen a ringed neutron star, probably get 2 more waypoints this evening but who knows what will happen