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Alliance Chieftain [pen-66]
(Alliance Chieftain)
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Mar 12, 2018
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1,867,281,356 Cr
It's Been a While

I kind of wish I had kept up better with this. I'll catch you up. After my last entry I flew to Colonia, farted around a bit, and then quit for 22 months. During that trip to Colonia I believe I only found 3 unique ELWs. When I came back in in Feb of 2020 I decided to swing up through the galactic core, and then double back to Colonia. Rather than head out to Beagle Point, I decided to get a Suicide Sidewinder and head back to the bubble, leaving my Asp behind. While back in the bubble I worked on engineering a bit, farmed some rep, bought some new ships, and mined quite a bit. During that time in 2020 I found 15 ELWs. I took a break again until 19 Dec 22. When I came back this time I couldn't remember where I was, what I was doing, how to play, which addons to use, how to use any of the addons, etc. Everything was out of date and unbound. It took a couple days to get it all set up. I decided to take my Python and convert it from a mining rig to an exploration rig with the intent of swing east this time up through the core and back to Colonia. After a rough start again having forgotten what I was doing and realizing I was missing stuff I set off for real. That was nearly a month ago now. In this chunk of play time I've found 20 ELWs. I've been watching the Best of the Worst series. About half way through I remembered that I could open a second instance of OVRdrop, so I now have estimated values on my dashboard too. I'm scanning everything worth more than 1mil credits now. I also remember recently that I had previously been grinding for rep. I'm only 3 levels from my Corvette. Today I made it to the core. I stopped at a fleet carrier and sold a page of data to UC, but then saw they took a 25% cut so I just repaired and took off towards Colonia. I'm about 200 jumps from Colonia as we speak. I'm not sure what I'll do when I get there. I want to buy an Anaconda, but I also want to jump back in my Asp. I want to go farm rep for my Corvette back in the bubble, but I also want to go to Beagle Point. Guess I'll see when I get there either tomorrow night or Friday. In a future log I want to make sure to document my setup so I can easily pick it back up in the future if I need a break.

1/3 Measures

I'm ROUGHLY 1/3 of the way to Colonia at Thaikoa LW-C d18, based on the direction I plan on traveling, with 15,885.9LY to go. I'd obviously be much farther if I didnt waste two full days on a false start. I've still only found one new Earth-Like World, so I've decided to tighten my star filters even more. I've only seen someone else's name on 1 in about the last 150 systems, and that was a neutron star. I'm now 62,082LY from BP and a whopping 12,316.88 from Sol.

Neutron Star

During a string of... who knows how many systems, but probably at least 60, without seeing another Commander's name having previously discovered the system, I happened upon a Neutron Star. I was pretty excited expecting it to also have been undiscovered, but of course it was already claimed. I have read that Neutron Star farming is a thing, which makes sense. I don't specifically look for these types of things on the map while traveling, but it was pretty cool to happen upon it. They make me nervous. I am 17,106.38LY from Colonia at Blau Thaa OO-Z d13-43, which is actually a little farther away than I left off yesterday, but I'm exploring! I've found so much, but have still only uncovered 1 ELW. It hasn't become a grind yet. I've started listening to Startalk podcasts during the flights which makes the time fly by.

"To Seek Out New Worlds"

Morale is high! Today I started off in old, familiar Flyeia Dryiae SM-D B45-0. From there I plotted a course towards the Crescent Nebula. A little ways into the trip I stumbled onto my very first previously undiscovered Earth-Like World. It's name was REDACTED. It was a good feeling to have come this far and finally find one. I made my way to the nebula and then move downward and clockwise around the galaxy again. I'm currently on a stretch of 38 systems in a row that had been previously unclaimed. It's a ghost town out here. I made it out to Blaa Eohn IC-B d1-2 and will be continuing off this way for a while before heading off to Colonia. I'm currently 6022.1LY from Sol, 16,617.8LY from Colonia, and 63,857 from BP. I'm finally knocking off some distance, albeit not a lot.

Back in Familiar Territory

I started the day in Outorst RJ-M B48-0 heading off in the direction of NGC 7822 Nebula. Once there, I found another inhabited system, NGC 7822 Sector BQ-Y d12, which contained the Gorgon Research Facility. I stopped off to sell data again and make minor repairs. I made roughly $5.5Mil. After topping off I decided to run down to the planet surface for some photo ops, but I'm not great with the camera yet. I was a little disappointed to not find any black holes as I had heard there were some nearby, but didn't want to get coords from the internet. Getting back on the road I decided to head back for the farthest point away from Sol I had previously been; Flyeia Dryiae SM-D B45-0. I chose to take a line that was very low on the map. After struggling for a while to find systems not previously discovered, I came to the conclusion that I was too far down. The scarcity of the stars makes it so that if someone had passed through before, they almost certainly would have been to those systems already. I decided to go straight up 3 jumps and from then on I was swimming in new systems. The new scanner is great, but I'm sad to see everything that I'm now willingly passing up. Many systems have all ice or rock planets, sometimes in distant binary systems may LS apart. There just isn't time to get everything. After committing to the goal of getting back to my turn around point I ended up staying up a bit later than anticipated, but here I am. I'm feeling good and looking forward to covering new ground again. I haven't yet decided where to go from here on my way to Colonia, but that's first on the agenda for tomorrow. For now I started listening to classic rock while flying and it makes the whole thing even more enjoyable.

On The Road Again

Got on the road again. I decided to fly downward and then away from Beagle Point a little first before looping around. On my way I noticed I would be passing near the California Nebula. I checked, just like the Elephant's Trunk Nebula, there was an inhabited system at its core. This one was on a planet. I decided to stop off so I could sell my data to UC since they wouldn't buy it from my at Ceos. This base was on a planet. Grabbed some quick repairs, sold my data and was back on my way. I made over $8.1mil sell the data. After leaving the California Nebula I decided to go further down and then turn and head toward NGC 7822 Nebula. I had seen it during my first run to the Elephant's Trunk and it piqued my curiosity. I saw on some forums that it contains several black holes so I thought that would be cool to check out. I didn't have a lot of time to fly but I did get 20 jumps out at Outorst RJ-M B48-0, which is 2192LY from Sol and 66573LY from BP. I'm feeling good again after stumbling out of the gates. I did notice that I am scanning fewer planets than before. Previously if my weak scanner would pick up a couple of close planets I'd snag them during my layover. Now if there are many planets on the honk, including close ones, I will just skip them all unless its a water or ELW.

The Journey Ends (Did I Leave the Toaster On?)

Morale... is low. A while after leaving GM Cephei, I started noticing what looked like planets around suns in multi-star systems that were far enough away that I didn't want to drive to them, but the planets weren't showing up on my honk. At one such stop they were at a reasonable distance so I figured I'd go take a look just to make sure I was crazy. Unfortunately, I wasn't and it was as I feared. As I reached 3940.93LY from Sol I came to the realization that I had somehow forgotten to include the Advanced Scanner, and only had the Basic Scanner on board. After running a search for nearest vendors on EDDB, I found that I had a tough call to make. Either press on and get half-assed data until I got to Colonia, or head back to Ceos. After wrestling with the options I decided that I had very little choice and that I had to go back for it. The entire purpose of the trip is to explore and I was doing it without the proper equipment. At Flyeia Dryiae SM-D B45-0, I turned the ship around and covered the nearly 4kLY in just under 2.5 hours. I scanned systems as I passed through, and maybe a water planet or two, but that was it. I was not there to see the sights at this point. With my parts installed, I'm ready to begin again. In two days I've managed to travel 486.64LY from Sol. Not great. I plan to take a similar route heading back out and will see how much I've been missing thus far. Perhaps the ability to see more will slow my journey, but we shall see.

The Journey Begins

Today I began my journey from Sol to see Colonia, Sagittarius A, and Beagle Point in my Asp Explorer with 45.4LY jump range. This is a mission of exploration and I will be attempting to take some roads less travelled. After looking around I decided to pick a random nebula and head towards that. I chose the Elephant's Trunk. I chose a random star near the center of the nebula and plotted my course. Morale is high. I discovered 29 unique items including a couple of systems on my way to GM Cephei. On my way I began to learn about filters and plotting based on things like scoopable stars. A couple of jumps out from GM Cephei I discovered that you could filter by state of inhabitation. GM Cephei was inhabited! When I arrived, the honk discovered a mine; a feature I have never encountered. As I approached I found it orbiting a secret planet (I later learned it didn't show up on honk due to wrong scanner.) I sold my data to Universal Cartographers and made nearly 2.9mil. I am extremely happy with day one. I set a random goal and found an needle in a haystack which happened to be a distance that was perfect for the time I had available today. After exactly 70 jumps, I am now 2702.01LY from Sol but happen to be 442LY farther from Beagle Point than when I started, which is a little discouraging. My head is high with all of my discoveries today. I'll be pushing out tomorrow on my way to Colonia. Until then...