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honest tuck [AL-27A]
(Asp Explorer)
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Oct 30, 2018
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9,988,941,911 Cr
Dove Enigma - Traffic Jam

Today I used one of my T7 transporters, which needs a large landing pad and found me waiting to get a landing permit since the last and only free pad was blocked by an Anaconda. There is exactely one L pad Dove Enigma.

So I decided to wait, until this only large pad might become freed; eventually the Anaconda would leave - at least so I thought.

When it became a little bit too boring, I decided to circle around the Station Dove Enigma to study its construction.

I arrived at 08:38 GalTime. And kept on waiting and studying the details and features of the station.

Once or twice I sent a local message via im-game com channel to kindly ask the pilot of the Anaconda how log it would take for him or her (at least logging out to MM would be possible when not playing actively). As a result I only received nothing but silence, or the static radio chatter, which is equal.