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Commander name:
Current ship:
Deep Hydra [GWG-DH]
(Krait Phantom)
Member since:
Aug 5, 2019
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
370,119,341 Cr

After having decided to do a relatively small exploration to the "Hole in the Sky". Some 20500 ly from where I started in the bubble, it's been interesting. Down to my last 300 jumps before return. Some my question my decision to use a type 7 and with only 21 ly jumps. But I wanted to to do a large number of small jumps as I surmised that many systems would have been missed along the way. So far I have been proved correct.
Plus it brought me back to when I was an Officer in the Merchant Navy. It was so much more civilised to sail half way around the world at 12 knots on a super tanker.
It's just a shame I can't use the sextant twice daily on my type 7 to fix my position

M16 Sector RD-T c3-11

Two water worlds and an earth like. Loads of metal bodies

Metallic Crystals Byeia Eurk HX-G b38-3

Found Flavum Crystals

Made it to Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105

easily made it to Eagle security in 2 hours of game time. Managed to make 350 million for my 32000 ly tour.

Damage rerouted to Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105

Vessel suddenly stopped auto throttling back and I wasn't paying attention. Sustained damage and decided to alter route to make soonest repair at Eagle Sector IR-W d1-105, 1950ly

Codex Found 11th August

Codex found here Preae Aewsy MU-N b34-7

11th August 2019

Codex Found. mollusc

Found a Codex At Scutum Dark Region HH-V c2-22