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Still in transit....

Still enroute to Deciat. I'm around 9k ly out and making slow progress as I have decided to map every new system I find, and at the moment, every jump leads me to a new system that hasn't been mapped yet. I'm currently locked into the New Beginning outpost at Rosette Sector CQ-Y d59 and may stop on my way back to Deciat.

I've spent the last week or so mapping everything I can so I am really hoping that when I hit the cartographic section at Garay Terminal, I am going to turn in a substantial amount of data and all being well, take a large chunk out of the remaining credits needed to hit Elite Explorer. Guess we'll see.....

Time to head for home

I started to head toward The Groerld Association (Groerld IL-P d5-0) but after about 50 jumps decided it was time to turn around, head for home, cash in my exploration data at my home station and decide what's next. I've set my next waypoint to The Five Black Eyes (Phrio Phoea AA-A h12), a system containing 5 black holes amongst other things....... looking forward to seeing it, in 113 jumps!

Skull & Crossbones Nebula

So after many hours of jumping my Anaconda across Sanguineous Rim and into Keplar's Quest I have reached the Skull & Crossbones Nebula (Haffner 18 LSS 27) and the surprise of not one, but two black holes in the same system. These are the first black holes I have discovered on my travels.

So now I need to make a decision, do I carry on further into 'the black' or do I start making my way back to my home system of Deciat. The idea of this trip was to test out my newly acquired and engineered Anaconda (jump range 72 ly). My main goal with this ship was to take it to the centre of the galaxy and to Sag A* however now I'm out this far I am tempted to keep jumping until I can't jump anymore..... I've got a load of materials aboard which will help me synthesize FSD boosts but they were originally meant to engineer my ship. I've got some choices to make......

The Skull & Crossbones Nebula + Black Hole (HAFFNER 18 LSS 27B)

Crossing Keplar's Crest...... still.....

Just taking the Anaconda for a spin, I wanted to just give it a good test on a medium exploration flight before I head for Sag A* on my next expedition. So far so good...... yesterday I ended up just under 12k ly from Sol in the Hyperion Cluster and now I'm heading further out toward the Skull & Crossbones Nebula and advancing across Keplar's Crest. Let's see where today takes me.....

An update

So things have moved on since my last entry. I got to Elite Trader ranking, bought some nice ships, made close to a billion credits and am currently farming materials so I can engineer the bejesus out of my Anaconda to give it a 70+ ly jump range. More soon!


So after making some good credits initially trading and then running passengers, I have now embarked on some exploring. See if I can find some undiscovered systems and slap my name on them :-)