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(Diamondback Explorer)
2,148,487,853 Cr
Beagle Point

CMDRs log October 9, 2021

Well I finally made it to Beagle Point! While I am out here I will be on the hunt for systems without coordinates, using EDMC - RSE. I will also submit some distances. Time to start chipping away at the backlog again!

Beagle Point Stop 2

CMDRs log August 21 2021

Well I made it here to Explorer's Anchorage! Not really the half way point per say but progress. Now the long agonizing stretch to Beagle Point and back!

I did some minor outfitting and was able to get just under a LY more jump range.

Beagle Point Stop 1

CMDRs log August 13 2021

Well I made it to my first way point on my trip to Beagle Point. Trifid Sector IR-W D1-52 at the Observation Post Epsilon. So about the submitting distances on the way for this trip..... screw that, it is taking WAAAAYYYYYY to long to make any progress. Ill do that at a later time. Maybe when I get to Sag A* on the way back. See you out there o7

To Beagle Point!

CMDRs log August 9 3307.......actually screw the future date, back to current date. August 9 2021

So I finally decided to go to Beagle Point. I have been exploring Plaa Eurk for a while now and I want to go somewhere new. I am starting my trip from Plaa Eurk MS-T d3-3 . Its 66,005.80 LYs away. Lets do this!

EDIT: I will still continue with submitting distances with each jump...

Distances Submitted

CMDRs Log August 8 3307

Well I finally made it to the top 100 for distances submitted. I know, who cares?... But for me I feel like I am a bigger contributor to the EDSM community now then when I first started. I have a LONG way to go to get high up on the leaderboard. Here is the start for my contribution to the backlog of systems without coordinates.

If you want, send me a message and we can work on this together!

Hunting for Coordinates #5

CMDRs log July 3 3307

Well you guessed it, still hunting for coordinates. I have been bouncing all around the Plaa Eurk sector and I am still discovering new systems. Its been a while since I checked what the back log is at, and it looks like it only went down by about 3,000. I hope my fears aren't becoming reality. More and more people leaving Elite. With the player base dwindling, it looks like just the hardcore fans remain. I still need to get in contact with people, non admins, that want to get this backlog closed out. Well until then, 07

Hunting for Coordinates #4

CMDRs log June 21 3307

Well what do you know, still hunting for coordinates. I started whole heartedly going through that spreadsheet. Unfortunately I am coming across a lot of systems without coordinates so I am unable to check the distances for those systems. I'll have to check with a EDSM admin. I am keeping my own copy for my efforts, though I don't have much done I am trying my best with my schedule to help.

Again, CMDRs, please help with this big task. Use the RSE add-on for EDMC and make sure you at least honk. It should help with the missing coordinates. See you out there... o7

Hunting for Coordinates #3

CMDRs log June 17 3307

I have been continuing my hunt for systems without coordinates and I noticed I am heading "left" through the galaxy following these systems. I have been through Wreduia and Plaa Eurk, still in Plaa Eurk.

CMDR Bravada Cadelanne, posted a list of roughly 23,000 distances in the trilateration-needed chat and have communicated with him about the distances. After correcting the number decimal places, he informed me that all that is needed now is for the distances themselves need to be checked and any wrong ones need to be hidden.

Plaa Eurk is on the list and I am going to each of those systems anyway to get coordinates, I will confirm those and base it of a method of checking if it all comes out right.

CMDRs: please help with this big task we have ahead of us. Lets get it done so we can continue to help close out the backlog. o7

Hunting for Coordinates #2

CMDR's log June 12 3307

Well I am up to 495 systems visited for coordinates - orange and 1060 distances submitted. A trend I am seeing, before the FSS most of the systems don't have everybody discovered. At least half of the time I FSS a system without everybody discovered. Still grinding away!

Hunting for Coordinates

CMDR's log June 6 3307

Well for the passed week or so I have been hunting for systems that need coordinates - using an extension of EDMC. As of now I have visited 326 systems, 302 needed coordinates, most of them needing all of the bodies scanned for EDSM data base. I have discovered bodies in those systems maybe around 10 to 15 systems. I also have submitted 736 distances.

Systems I have been doing: Col 359 Sector, Swoiwns, Lupus Dark Region, Lupus Dark B Sector, Swoilz, Prea Euq, Corona Austr. Dark Region, Wredguia Sector, Synuefai Sector. I will continue my efforts for the foreseeable future with this to help close the backlog.

I encourage you to do the same. Lets get this backlog of systems without coordinates completed! o7