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Infinitum [ahr-27]
1,173,879,108 Cr
JUNE 16th 3310 - GALACTIC CENTRE - another candidate

After some exploring we found the System Quemeou EK-R d4-31 today. About 70,000 ls away from the main star, there is a K-class star with several gas giants. There are about seven icy bodies with water geysers and one with carbon dioxide geysers. Today we stay here for a break, but tomorrow we will check out the icy bodies....

JUNE 7th 3310 - GALACTIC CENTRE - possible crystalline shard system ....

Two days ago we arrived at Syroomaei NN-B d13-14. It consists of 5 stars (G, K, M class) and 40 bodies. First scans showed, there are 5 high value bodies (4 high metal and one water world). That is pretty nice, but that is not all. We found an ice world orbiting a gas giant which meets all criteria for crystalline shards, its 231,419 ls away from the systems main star, has no atmosphere and carbon dioxide geysers. Fingers are crossed...

Addendum: Unfortunately the travel to the ice world was unrewarded. Anyway the system was worth the visit.

MAY 30th 3310 - GALACTIC CENTRE - Sagittarius A* beyond ...

After visiting Sagittarius A* and a short relax on a nearby carrier we continued our journey torwards the top of milkyways disc. 2700 LJ above the main plane we are exploring the galctic centre. Above us the darkness of empty space and below the shimmering and lightflooded galaxy. Majority of stars are class B systems. Next goal is to locate systems for crystalline shard farming. No uncommon happenings for findings.

MAY 13th 3310 - GALACTIC CENTRE - Finally - Sagittarius A*

Since i jumped into my first star ship i was dreaming of leaving the bubble and travel to the center of our galaxy. It took a long time, to prepare for this journey but with hard work and the help of some nice enineers i managed to build my Anaconda. I love this ship, she never let me down and we at last we made it. Today we arrived at Sagittarius A*. I am very proud but this is not the and of the story. I am even more curious what else is out there. So many things to discover so many places are waiting out there ..... Lets see what the future will bring ....

MAY 09th 3310 - ODINS HOLD - Colonia

On April 21st 3308 we started our journey. Main goal is to visit Sagittarius A. Today we made a big milestone in our journey. We reached Colonia. It was a great adventure but we are looking forward to go to Sagittarius A.