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7 dec. 2020
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3.369.037.450 Cr
NSV 1056 (IC 289 Nebula) and back

Just returned from a sightseeing tour to NSV 1056 (IC 289 Nebula) - passengers only paid 4 million, but earnt around 30 million in exploration data and I now have several first mapped by credits to my name.

Elvira Martuuk

That's Elvira unlocked and my Shield Generator upgraded.

Server issues #1

Server issues again? The game launcher says that the Server Status is OK, but I was kicked out of the game with a Scarlet Krait error, and now when I try to get back into the game, it fails to authenticate my account.

Shopping Trip

Just travelled 100+ Ly beyond Khun to achieve the 300 Ly from my start at Dromi in order to get the invitation from Elvira Martuuk, and now I have to travel 360+ Ly in the opposite direction to get three Soontill Relics from Cheranovsky City at Ngurii. Luckily my current ship has a maximum jump of around 50 Ly, but even so it's going to be a long day tomorrow.