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Commander naam:
Huidige schip:
(Type-9 Heavy)
Lid sinds:
27 jun. 2022
Afstanden ingediend:
Systemen bezocht:
Systemen als eerste bezocht:
1.977.660.623 Cr
Sag A

Well that's one off the bucket list. Fleet carrier to colonia then over to Sag A.

back in black

out researching xenobiology. Rumours are that certain planets are thargoid havens. Out to find out if anything can help. Lots of thargoid probes so far.

Thargoid evacuations

The last few days, the cries, the despair. The adrenaline, the death. Rescuing station dwellers in mercy runs, injured and evacuees. Has taken a toll. It's time to see if the xeniobiology has the answers to this thargoid threat. They have to have come from somewhere, want something. where.

back from the black

Success. Back from a 6000 LY trip, my longest one yet, through the Orion Spur Shallows. Found some friendly fleet carriers out there to bank cartography on the way out so if a total disaster happened it wouldn't be too bad.

Now to prepare for a new run.

First return from the black

First scouting mission for this new commander. 35 million in credits and some first feet on planet and newly discovered system. Happy for now. Time to upgrade and head back out. Who knew repair units needed supplies!