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Fuel stop biology

Last fuel stop before the Lagoon Nebula. And as luck has it this system has 3 thin atmosphere planets with life. Time to go exploring. NGC 6530 Sector RT-R c4-2

On the road again

Leaving Jameson memorial behind, I was wondering what I would find ahead. Going back to retrace the footsteps of the Saggitarius-Carina expedition. With the new technology allowing us to land on thin atmospheric planets, I pondered what I might find. First stop: NGC 6530 WFI 16706 First fuel stop Bleae Thua ZE-R e4-4. Around the secondary T Tauri star, I spotted some Red Fonciculua Campestris while the thin argon atmosphere was buffeting my ship. A decent start to my exploration journey

One nasty mother

Landed on an ice planet in Oochost DS-O b53-0 after a nasty encounter with Synuefai DW-C d2. Short, turbulent jets, red dwarf right next door, had a hard time getting out alive. Time to fix the FSD, get some rest and keep going.1,500 Ly down, 6000 to go.

Soul searching

Embarking on my longest trip yet: Doom geyser in the Soul sector 7500 light years away. Neutron jumps await. Wish me luck

Taking the long way back

After making it to the Trapezium sector and getting as close as possible to the Horsehead nebula, it is time to head home. After finding a way in through the witchhead, flame, orion and running man sector, avoiding the Col 70 locked sector, getting out is a challenge as well. Decided to take a detour via the California nebula. Col 69 sector seems the right way out. Hopefully we will not have to make too much of a detour around the Col 70 sector. Will it be easy or ardeous? only time will tell