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Manic Miner [ED-17A]
(Asp Explorer)
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4.006.333.777 Cr
Back to civilization!

25th log entry. Now some Cr grind for Uncle Scooge badge and then... who knows.

So close, yet so far

!round 100 jumps left to Bubble. God only knows how long will it take with exploring systems on my way

Apollo 15 route complete

Long way home now

Scary sh*t

Jumped into system with two very close central stars, more like right on the edge of one of those, almost fried, but got away with some minor damage

Oh snap!

Just checked how far I will be from The Bubble when expedition ends. Not quiet sightseeing tour near inhabited space as I firts thought...

Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d16

Fantastic system for speeding between stars and guardian ruins as bonus

Apollo 15

Another expedition, still hoping DW3 will happen some day

My 2nd finished expedition

La Grande Expédition 3305 almost over, fast run back to Sag A* for selfie with others ahead, but first Speedbowl 3 and visit to newly discovered generation ship

Storm clouds

Lagrange storm clouds are just beautiful. Next stop somewhere near Sag A*

500,000 Ly Club!

Halfway to first mil :)