Eravate [#5856221467362]

A modest star system, yet one still capable of supporting a mixed agriculture and industrial economy. It is an unusual system formation as it lacks gas giants. The locals don't seem to mind though.

Home system of Adle's Armada, a Federation aligned securities group founded in Ngaliba in 2900. Currently headquartered in the Eravate system, it was originally formed as a Federal detachment of a classified inter-factional combat force. Post Commander Tyllerius Adle pulled his force out of the secretive organisation in 3200, re-branding his group as \"Adle's Armada\" in the process. In present day the Armada still shrouds itself in secrecy and only recruits the finest combat pilots into its ranks and pledges safety and security to all citizens living in its protected systems.

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740 380 179

Контролирующая фракция:

Adle's Armada
(Гражданская свобода)


This system is located at: -42.4375 / -3.15625 / 59.65625

Галактические координаты: R: 73,279 / l: 35,427 / b: -2,469
Экваториальные координаты: прямое восхождение: 19h 4m 46,685s / склонение: 1° 5'32,729''

Объем ресурсов: Много

Обитаемая зона:
Metal-rich body (2 to 12 ls), Earth-like world (194 to 290 ls), Water world (159 to 615 ls), Ammonia world (401 to 1 092 ls), Terraformable (151 to 301 ls)

Прибл. стоимость данных сканирования: 338 793 кр.

Отчёт о передвижениях

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by J. Calvert (Joshua) on 17 нояб. 2014 г., 13:47:53.

12466 ships passed through Eravate space, including 44 ships in the last 7 days.

6 ships passed through Eravate space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 3
Diamondback Explorer - 1
Hauler - 1
Imperial Cutter - 1

Adle's Armada (Civil liberty) 48,851 %
Official Eravate Flag (None) 10,889 %
Independent Eravate Free (None) 10,490 %
Eravate School of Commerce (Boom) 9,091 %
Eravate Network (None) 7,393 %
Eravate Life Services (None) 7,193 %
Traditional Eravate Autocracy (Civil unrest) 6,094 %
The Pilots Federation (None) 0,000 %