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Thus Far...

Dane and I started out in ASP Explorer's to Jaques Station in the Colonia system. About 6kly out the fighter bay modules became available and figured that it would be fun to upgrade to a ship that could fit the fighter module and have a good jump range. The Anaconda at the time was an easy pick. Barely engineered FSD drives (pre-Engineering 2.0) gave us the ability to have an SRV and Fighter bay with a jump range of about 40-42ly unladen. We ran skimmer missions, popular at the time, before they got nerfed not two weeks after we made enough money to buy our Anaconda's and kit them out for exploration. They turned like a semi-truck with only first gear, but it suited out needs. I named mine "Aeryn's Spear" and Dane named his "Harrower". It was time to leave the bubble once again.

We headed back out into the black, to Jacques station in Colonia and this time, we made it. We saw Thor's eye and the Eagle nebula along the way as well many landable planetoids with incredible colors and topography. We drove our SRV's all over and collected quite the stockpile of raw minerals, raced our fighters up and down ravines, and even had a few rough landings but nothing bad enough completely wreck our ships.

After uploading our Cartography data at Jaques Station we plotted a course to Sagittarius A to see the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy for ourselves. This alone took over a year, in between some life got in the way and almost death, putting down a jump away from Sagittarius A and it was there our ships stayed waiting for us to take control again. Commander's reconnecting after such a long period we dusted off our control decks and made the jump to Sagittarius A. It was beautiful the way the Milky Way was lensed around the anomaly. Worth the trip. During our time away a new station had been built in near Sagittarius A, Explorer's Anchorage, in the Stuemeae FG-Y D7561 System just 3.66ly away. Uploaded cartography data, repaired and restocked, we set our sights back to the bubble where a new ship caught eye, the Krait MKII.

The Krait MKII was just a little bigger than the Asp Explorer but was also able to fit a fighter bay. It would mean a much more nimble ship like the Asp X with just as good if not better cockpit view that was wide open, a much needed change from the slow boat Anaconda along with its limited view. We figured we could get the jump range at least close to our Anaconda's 40-42ly range but once we kitted out and engineered our Kraits, we were astounded to end up with a jump range higher than that of our Anaconda's. Currently we're both sitting pretty at 44.93ly jump range. We ran a test run about 4kly out in the BD-10 1848 system and touched down on the 4th planet. FSD with all the neutron jumps we went through barely dropped out FSD overall health. We're both very impressed with how the Krait MKII handles and holds up. I've personally never been happier with a ship.

I'll give the Asp X and Anaconda their respect. They kept me alive and gave me experiences to remember. And it was running in both of those ships that lead us to the Krait MKII. A fantastically ship giving you a beautiful open cockpit to see all the sites our galaxy has to offer, a fighter to go nuts in, SRV for surface excursions, and a jump range to be proud of. So where to next?