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iMU Deranged Rockeater [Rip-T9]
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Way the hell out here in nowhere...

We left Rykers hope... and are plunging ahead to earn this badge of ... manliness... of spacerness. Metal Addicted Wierdo... yeah.. and it was my idea too... great....

Dodging Rocks at Omega Station.... DW2 Journey

Logbook Entry 15 Jan 3305 - Omega Sector VE-Q b5-15 (Omega Mining Operation) 5513 LY from Sol. What the ever-living chunk of granderite. Some jackanape blew a rock on the approach path TO the station. God help us, the repair crews are going NUTS. Thanks to a well bartered case of Lavan Brandy.. I found out that a guy has mapped ALL the systems near here. He has a crew out here mapping everything. He gave me a copy of the software file. Now to get it loaded in the navcomp. NAV! Get me a crew member up here, one you trust.