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Witch Head War - Day Three

This is a real slaughter.

The non-randomness (some lore, at last?) of Thargoid attacks encouraged MANY players to defend the Witch Head Nebula.

I arrived here on thursday, just after the Galnet article. That day, the systems seemed empty on open play. After the others arrived in their hull-tanks and liberated the first systems, they started to concentrate on the others.

Now, Witchead is really crowded.

Today, I managed to kill a Cyclops on solo. With some help of the other Winged Hussars, we destroyed a Medusa on open play. THAT was a hard fight, even in a wing.

I started focusing on the Scouts. I didn`t count, but I killed around 200 today.

Witch Head War - Day Two

3 Cyclops-Variant Interceptors down today, as promised.

enter image description here

Witch Head War - Day One

Just arrived to WITCH HEAD SECTOR FB-X C1-11.

In Celaneo, I switched a few HRP's for a FSD-booster and a fuel-scoop to travel faster. After arriving in the system, I have visited a damaged station to get my dumb decal.

Movie here - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ub_AKh__MxE)

After my modules arrived, I managed to kill a few scouts, and two Cyclops-variant Interceptors.

Nice start. Tommorow, I'll try to turn at least 3 "flowers" into a compost heap.

Thoughts #4

Sometimes I just hate to be right.

I always read Galnet before going to work, and today I almost spilled my coffee and chocked to death with a sweet bun, when I saw the Thargoid activity report.

"Guess who's back, back again..."

I knew that they will come back, and their next target won't be a coincidence. After throwing them out of Atlas, Taygeta and Electra I had a feeling, that they will arrive in the Witch Head Nebula. I was right.

Time to buy a few packs of cigarettes, a few beers and head out towards Witch Head. I guess I'll be needing a fuel-scoop to get there in my AX-Uragan too. I hope that those systems have the outfitting options - every hull point is priceless.

Thoughts #3

It took 2 or 3 days to kick the Thargoids out Electra, Taygeta, and Atlas. I managed to kill four Cyclops-type interceptors, which is nice for flying solo.

I also managed to shoot down a Balisk along with my squadron friend, who is a real AX-master. I must say, that he did the most of the task - the Basilisk is rather too strong for my current skills.

In my opinion, everything went suspiciously fast and smooth. Too fast and too easy. They were defeated (this time) too quickly, so I wonder what will come next?

Anyway, 4 solo interceptor kills is a nice addition for my combat trophy collection.

P.S. There is one thing I really like in Thargoid wars: Humanity unites. Players forget about their factions, prejudice, personal sympathies/antypathies. They just work together and help each other for the greater good. It is a bit sad, that we can`t cooperate in the times of relative peace.

Thoughts #2

When writing the last entry, I didn't knew, that the Thargoids are back already.

Without thinking much, I came to help humanity.

enter image description here

So, I'm taking a break from exploring. It's good to see, that my "AX-Hurricane" is still in good shape.

War with other players, war with 'Goids...war never changes.

Road to Xibalba #5

So I got home really fast.

I decided to avoid the Rift, and take the route via the gap. It was more annoying, demanding and resource-consuming, but worth the risk. As usual, the way back was boring, but when I reached the Seagull nebula, I decided to take the Neutron Highway.

I never used it before, so I had problems with getting stuck in the wider cones, but I got back quickly and safely.

Neutron Highway - my video

I`m still thinking about the Thargoids. Maybe we should expect the unexpected and they will be back with a bang. I purchased a Chieftain, maybe it will be better for anti-xeno combat. It's engineering should be done it a couple of days.

Road to Xibalba #4

I have a feeling that my faction needs me, because I just got the message that we're at war with our ex-allies. Every player (even if he is as explorer) has his duties, so I must make sure that unwanted Commanders will stay out of our systems.

It's time to head back home using the shortcut (via the gap I wrote about a few days ago), so I'm not taking the longer way through the Formidine Rift. Besides, the Rift has so much traffic, that I don't see any point exploring that area - I`ll leave it for the others.

Thoughts #1

I have just read the Galnet article.

The Thargoids left the deep Bubble, so we can be happy, but there is something that still bothers me.

We had a community goal related with meta-alloys, the thargoid treasure. The goal succedeed, so we can be proud - we have new places to rob them. And what did the Thargoids do? They left. Just like that. That's strange and suspicious. What are they up to this time?

I just hope, that I don't have to hurry on my way home to launch my AX-Krait, altough flying in the "Uragan" would be a nice change now.

Road to Xibalba #3

I'm having much fun here.

The way right to the "end of the Milky Way" was very rich and friendly, altough the Xibalba region seems to be mostly dead. I didn`t find any alien life here, except the Viride Gyre Trees which were already discovered. I simply knew were to find them thanks to the Codex. I also found some ice and silicate crystals and damn seed pods, who wanted to kill me with their toxic farts. I was lucky, that the corrosive effect didn't last long.

Getting there was quite tricky, but before heading out from my home-system (Kamcha), I made big supplies of jumponium. Even with it, finding a way in and out was a bit difficult.

But as I said in the earlier log - The Space Hobo will get everywhere in his Anaconda - just give him time, cigarettes, and a glass of booze. You don't believe it? Just hold my beer and watch how it`s done ;)