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(Type-6 Transporter)
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3 дек. 2019 г.
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634 499 кр.
Type 6 Transporter purchased & outfitted

Just completed the first mission in my Type 6 Transporter which I've christened "BATTERY" in reference to my car battery being dead this morning and needing to be replaced. I plan to use this vessel as a cargo/personnel transporter. Once I've earned enough credits through various missions I then plan to purchase a Python (this is where the real money is made) and use it to haul cargo earning even more credits.

I desperately need to choose a Faction... I was strictly Alliance while on the Xbox and will probably go with them again. I like their construct and mission selection. I need to get over to Alliance space and find a good station to settle down in for awhile. I think I know just where...


Financial Decisions

I'm currently at that stage where one wants to make money fast and easy. So I am considering which ship to buy next. If I purchase a pure hauler, that will certainly aid me in my immediate mission choices and credit earnings. Or do I want to wait a little while and then purchase an exploration vessel which can also serve a dual purpose as a hauler.

I think I'm going to go with the pure cargo hauler and also outfit it with passenger accommodations, that way I can have it hauling cargo as well as personnel which will help boost my finances quite quickly.

Swarthos -out

Now I'm up and running

Finally am able to upload flight data thanks to all the CDRS in the forums. A big thank you to all who had patience and willingness to assist me. I haven't been anywhere yet, just getting started. I made a pretty good dent via the xbox console, own many ships, discovered many systems etc.

I suppose good things will come in time out here... ok, time to go out there and create.

Swarthos - out

New Beginning

Having been on the Xbox where I have done some extensive exploration. I am now making my first strides on the PC (thanks to black Friday).