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I've finally made it back to the Bubble after a 3 months long journey into deep space. I bring to you poetry from distance shores:

Look at me, feel tension like a taut harp string, may your heat glow as with liquor, keep bursting forth like the sun upon me, keep renewing yourself for me like the moon, may your love ever be incipient (ritual follows)

Post Catastrophic Accident & Station Rescue Missions

enter image description here

I'm doing well after the catastrophic accident I suffered at Ray Gateway. Thanks to the engineers who have outfitted me with cybernetic implants to keep me alive (basically resurrected me from the dead) I am grateful to them even though I am now unpleasant to look upon.

I have been participating in the rescue operations due to Thargoid attacks. All has been going very well and I've been able to rescue many souls. enter image description here

**As for now I think I will return to doing more cargo hauls to build up my credits as I have spent nearly 400 million in new ship purchases and upgrades.

Swarthos -out**

Suffered Terrible Accident

Suffered terrible accident while leaving the Ray Gateway star port which left me disfigured and reliant upon cybernetic implants to sustain my life.

I'm as fully recovered as I'll ever be now and grateful to still be alive. I am currently in the Antiope systems conducting rescue evacuations due to recent Thargoid attack.

Will update again soon... -out

2020 update

Currently out in the black making discoveries. I have landed on a volcanic planet that I discovered and mapped. Shut down for now with the plan to take the SRV out for a little scavenging later.

Type 6 Transporter purchased & outfitted

Just completed the first mission in my Type 6 Transporter which I've christened "BATTERY" in reference to my car battery being dead this morning and needing to be replaced. I plan to use this vessel as a cargo/personnel transporter. Once I've earned enough credits through various missions I then plan to purchase a Python (this is where the real money is made) and use it to haul cargo earning even more credits.

I desperately need to choose a Faction... I was strictly Alliance while on the Xbox and will probably go with them again. I like their construct and mission selection. I need to get over to Alliance space and find a good station to settle down in for awhile. I think I know just where...


Financial Decisions

I'm currently at that stage where one wants to make money fast and easy. So I am considering which ship to buy next. If I purchase a pure hauler, that will certainly aid me in my immediate mission choices and credit earnings. Or do I want to wait a little while and then purchase an exploration vessel which can also serve a dual purpose as a hauler.

I think I'm going to go with the pure cargo hauler and also outfit it with passenger accommodations, that way I can have it hauling cargo as well as personnel which will help boost my finances quite quickly.

Swarthos -out

Now I'm up and running

Finally am able to upload flight data thanks to all the CDRS in the forums. A big thank you to all who had patience and willingness to assist me. I haven't been anywhere yet, just getting started. I made a pretty good dent via the xbox console, own many ships, discovered many systems etc.

I suppose good things will come in time out here... ok, time to go out there and create.

Swarthos - out

New Beginning

Having been on the Xbox where I have done some extensive exploration. I am now making my first strides on the PC (thanks to black Friday).