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starfish [BI-11B]
(Beluga Liner)
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9 груд. 2020
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3 040
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1 534
983 380 492 Кр
Target in sight

I've been relaxing a couple of days on the night side of an otherwise hellish planet, circling way too close to its star. But thanks to the ship's Life Support Systems I managed to sleep comfortably. It's not wise to travel if you are not 100% ok, as I learned quite soon in this journey losing half of my hull integrity in a botched landing attempt, only because I had misplaced my hands on the flight controls.

Anyway now I'm fully refreshed and back travelling. I'm getting close now: I'm at about 3/4 of the way to the Jellyfish Nebula. The route is taking my up-and-down across the galactic plane, and I managed to find a few completely unexplored systems, along with a lot of terraformable and water worlds.

But the most interesting thing I've seen is this crazy-fast spinning Neutron Star

enter image description here

If you are in this area it might be worth a visit, just set route for Flyooe Eohn YV-K d9-6.

Now I'll be stopping for a nap, with my target high in the sky above me...and a nice candidate as next target on its right :)

enter image description here

Twin moons

I'm slowly making my way to the Jellyfish sector. Not many Neutron stars to speed up the trip, but it gives me plenty of opportunity for mapping and exploring. I'm a bit too close to the galactic plane to find anything still unexplored, but it doesn't mean it's not interesting.

I've managed to map quite a few Water Worlds and Earth-Like Worlds, I've even found a system with two of both kind!

But the most interesting view I found in this leg of the journey are this two small but very close moons, orbiting each other at a bit less of 3000Km distance.

enter image description here

I couldn't help to take a picture from the surface of both: jumping from one to another was strange, I merely finished my ascent that I was already descending on the other one :) Maybe with the right geyser help I could have managed to jump on the other one with my SRV :P

enter image description here

enter image description here

South of the border

Finally I made it: I've entered the Sanguineous Rim, I'm officially for the first time outside the Inner Orion Spur.

enter image description here

I made my entrance via the Messier 78 Sector Dl-Y D11 system, leaving the Orion Dark Region, during my attempt to circumnavigate the block of restricted systems between me and the Jellyfish sector. It seems I've been succesfull since now the routing system of the galaxy map is able to plot my original course without issues.

Before going back to the original plan I've managed to find an ELW with a very nice background when looking back from where I came.

enter image description here

Coloured interlude

While I was reviewing some of the collected data I came across a few pictures I took during my stay in HR1918. I hadn't noticed at the time, but the trail of my SRV were...pink! I'm not sure whether it was because the outer layer of bluish dust was covering a reddish one underneath, or if the blu hue was actually due to the main B class star's light, but the actual color of the planet was more in the red.

Whatever...it looks nice in the pictures!

enter image description here

enter image description here

Road blocked ahead

I'm moving south, almost at the border with the Sanguineous Rim sector. While I'm scanning and mapping planets I'm enjoying a very busy patch of space, with a lot of nebulae and dark regions.

enter image description here

Next target is the Jellyfish Nebula region, but I'm a bit stuck at the moment with a lot of "Permit Required" systems between me and my destination (mainly COL 70 and COL 97). The route planner seems unable to triangulate a path through or around them, so I'll be plotting by hand the next few jumps.

I'm not totally complaining though, since thanks to this detour I managed to catch this beautiful glimpse of the Horsehead Nebula:

enter image description here

Cloudy skies ahead

So it's time to get back to my previous plan of visiting another sector. I'm heading south this time.

First target: The Orion Nebula and the Barnard's Loop area.

My target as seen from the Bubble

I've seen the Loop from my very first day as an indipendent pilot, it's always been there in the sky looking at me...so now I'll be the one looking at it!

With almost 45Ly of jump-ability and using a few NS-enanched jump it'll be easy to cover the about 1500Ly to my destination. Remembering how, just a few weeks ago, it took me so long to cover more or less the same distance in my first foray out of the Bubble is almost embarassing.

On my route there I found an entire area of stars (COL 70 Sector) restricted from access. I'll have to investigate further on this: I've seen a few restricted systems here and there, but this is massive! For the time being I've just taken a detour around there using a couple of friendly Neutron stars.

Getting closer and mapping a few planets along the way I managed to take a few interesting pictures. This one in particular I think is very nice, with an HMC world surrounded by three nebulas (Running Man & Orion on the upper left, California on the upper right and Witch Head on the lower right):

Three jeweled crown

And just by looking a bit more on the left the Loop was really majestic:

Barnard's Loop & Orion Nebula

I finally reached my target: there are really a lot of systems here! I've seen some requests from Canonn for further analysis on some of them: I'm not a member, but as a fellow scientist I'll be happy to help, and this could also help me find some interesting place to visit while I plan for the next leg of this trip.

Modded (and Happy 3307!)

I made to DECIAT without being distracted. Farseer Inc is a very interesting installation: unfortunately I got there by night so I could make out the surroundings of the base only with night-vision, but it was still quite impressive. I hope I'll get some picture tomorrow morning.

I got some moddings on my Wanderer: now it's cooler, jumpier and hopefully a bit tougher too (you never now when I'll get too close and personal with a star again :P).

I'll stop here for tonight: there's a party for New Year 3307!

Happy new year everyone, wherever in the Galaxy you might be!


So I got sidetracked again. My plan of going straight for another sector hasn't even started and I'm already off to something else :)

I thought I could pay a visit to Eng. Farseer, but first I needed to fetch some Meta-Alloys. On the road to MAIA I decided to take a sort of "scenic route" in order to fetch up a bit of credits by scanning and mapping interesting planets. And then I found this:

Thargoid site

And I wouldn't be a worthy explorer if I missed the chance to get a closer look, wouldn't I? Of course not...and so:

Thargoid site

I managed to find a way inside the main structure (actually I found two different passages) and interact with the Thargoid Uplink Devices in there. When getting too close to them the electronics in my SRV started to behave strangely, probably due to the interference of the Uplinks...I was a bit nervous but everything was fine.

As soon as I got out of the structure I've been greeted by an angry mob of Scavengers: nothing my SRV couldn't take care of luckily. And I also managed to fetch quite a few Thargoid materials.

Oh...and I also got Meta-Alloys so I think I'll go straight to DECIAT next (if I don't get distracted again ;) )

Dawn and a lonely friend

Since I was in the Solar System I decided to go sightseeing before leaving. I'll spare you all the usual selfies in front of each planet, save this one: I've always liked viewing the Sun rising from the curve of the Earth.

enter image description here

Since I was there I decided to make a quit trip to the outskirts of the system to pay a visit to an old friend

enter image description here

I'm home!

The Earth....I finally get to see it! It's a pity I can only look at it from space: I remember in the time of old our ships were able to land on any planet. Sure with the new FSD engines and the improved scanners current-gen ships are much more powerful and galactic exploration is finally possible, but still we lost something precious along the way.

The Wanderer above Earth

Anyway I'm happy to be here, another milestone reached. More than ever I'm happy to be onboard the Wanderer once again.The BUMP is a nice ship and it has served its purpose greatly, but I missed going out and about exploring.

Next step: I want to get to another sector, not sure which one as of now: I'll plan a route soon and then I'll be back into the dark again!