Professor Palin

Lokace: Arque / Abel Laboratory
Specializace: Engines and thrusters, Frame shift drives
Thrusters - Drive Strengthening (Grade 4)

Increased mass is traded for better thermal load and integrity with this modification.

Thermal Load
Mikro surovina. Cena
Heat Dispersion Plate
High Density Composites
Compound Shielding
Experimentální efekty
Double Braced

Additional, hardened supports and bracing further improve module survivability.

Integrity (+15%)
Iron (x5)
Hybrid Capacitors (x3)
Proprietary Composites (x1)
Drag Drives

Removal of safety protocols in controller software to increase drive thrust output at the cost of additional heat generation.

Optimal Multiplier (+4%), Thermal Load (+10%)
Iron (x5)
Hybrid Capacitors (x3)
Security Firmware Patch (x1)
Drive Distributors

Enhanced fuel and thrust balancing across the drives to improve mass curve efficiency.

Optimal Mass (+10%)
Iron (x5)
Hybrid Capacitors (x3)
Security Firmware Patch (x1)
Stripped Down

Key components replaced with versions crafted from lightweight materials and all extraneous parts removed entirely to reduce mass.

Mass (-10%)
Iron (x5)
Hybrid Capacitors (x3)
Proto Light Alloys (x1)
Thermal Spread

Additional thermal conduits and radiator solutions integrated across the module help balance thermal load increase cooling potential at the cost of slight mass increase.

Mass (+5%), Thermal Load (-10%)
Iron (x5)
Hybrid Capacitors (x3)
Heat Vanes (x1)