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Současná loď:
Odyssey [CYB-L2]
(Diamondback Explorer)
Členem od:
13. 6. 2017
Vzdáleností potvrzeno:
Navštíveno systémů:
30 180
Systémů objevených jako první:
4 122
39 498 399 260 Cr
Finishing the Beagle Point Expedition

After many jumps, traveling 114,354.96 Ly, I finish the expedition to Beagle Point... It's a common place, like others systems, but the places where I went are very beautiful... It's time to back to bubble...

My first expedition.

Today I travel in my first expedition with friends David and Teodoro. We going to Beagle Point, starting from Colonia. Starting with many jumps and arrive at Pheia Briae DK-A e303 after 24,768.87 ly.

New squad: Outzone

After three days in Colonia, I started my new squad: the Outzone. There have the Adder, T-6, Dolphin and Python. They went buyed making passenger missions and commodities transport.

Arrival in Colonia

Well, I arrived in Colonia after travel 22.000Ly... Let's see the opportunities waiting for me...

Daughter birthday

Today is a birthday of my daughter. I love so much my little girl. I work alot, but is a pleasure see when arrive the smiles in her face.

Chieftain coming

I hear rumors about new ship called chieftain... What the purpose that ship. We don't need more useless battles. I hope they come help expanse the human presence at galaxy.

Money, money and more money...

I need to work for win a more money to my bank. Preparing to future ship coming, the T10 Defender.

My new commander, first flight

Hi, im very exciting with my first day at commander a sidewinder. I hope increase my expertise in fly around my galaxy, going where any one need, exploring new systems and win money when possible.