Dryaea Aob IH-V e2-250 (The Aquarium) [#1074792523868]


This system is located at: -9881 / 528.28125 / 18678.625

Galaktische Koordinaten: R: 21.137,745 / l: 27,879 / b: 1,432
Äquatoriale Koordinaten: Rektaszension 18h 37m 5,824s / Deklination: -3° 50'23,497''

Geschätzter Wert: 724.436 Cr


This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by AlexBrentnall on 11.08.2016 07:23:10.

Es wurde vom "Galactic Mapping Project" benannt als: The Aquarium

62 ships passed through Dryaea Aob IH-V e2-250 space, including 2 ships in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Dryaea Aob IH-V e2-250 space in the last 24 hours.

A Planetary Nebula with a Black Hole at its heart, and several planets orbiting an A-class star 147K Ls away. The only remarkable feature is the number of Nebulae visible from here and giving the system the look of being inside an aquarium, hence the name.

enter image description here

Link : The Aquarium

enter image description here

This point of interest description was fleshed out by a CCN Exploration Wing survey (August 3302).

The Aquarium lives up to it's name. Surrounded by hues of blue, this system's planets and distant other nebula seem to be floating around in water. At the center of the system lies a back hole. It's distortional effects adding to the other-worldly underwater ambiance.