Scaulae ZL-C d13-11 (Rusalka's Trilemma) [#384525243635]


This system is located at: -18636.84375 / -772.21875 / 29569.53125

Galaktische Koordinaten: R: 34.961,199 / l: 32,222 / b: -1,266
Äquatoriale Koordinaten: Rektaszension 18h 54m 38,979s / Deklination: -1° 12'31,455''

Reserve: Unberührt

Habitable Zone:
Metal-rich body (3 to 88 ls), Earth-like world (1.382 to 2.072 ls), Water world (1.133 to 4.387 ls), Ammonia world (2.866 to 7.800 ls), Terraformable (1.076 to 2.147 ls)

Geschätzter Wert: 929.449 Cr

In this system you can find all the materials for FSD Injections. This is a GREEN system.

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Just Bear Li.

Es wurde vom "Galactic Mapping Project" benannt als: Rusalka's Trilemma

37 ships passed through Scaulae ZL-C d13-11 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Scaulae ZL-C d13-11 space in the last 24 hours.

Discovered during the Orion Expedition, near the nebula "Bendurion's Present".

This system contains a ringed gas-giant with water-based life which is circled by three water moons: a ringed Earth-like world, a second Earth-like world, and a ringed Water World.

Rusalka was a water-nymph from the 19th century opera of the same name by Dvorak; she sang a poignant song of love and longing to the beautiful moon - but which moon would she sing to here?

The gas giant with its water world and Earth-like world satellites