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Deltron 3030 [RE-09A]
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5.246.573.787 Cr
Autumn Odyssey

so i will pause my scanning of aa-a h systems and participate one expedition. Autumn Odyssey has great waypoints. i think all of them should be visited by a pilot. i cant wait for the start, 13 days to go.

oh and btw. it is an stupid idea to fly to Hutton orbital in an anaconda. i can tell you :)

The Guardian FSD booster

after a short stop in the bubble i am now back near the core. the jump range is amazing now with these guardian FSD booster. so i will check some systems at -3000 under the galatic plane.

scanning new aa-a h systems

I am near the core and scan alot of new aa-a h systems. There are sectors with 400+ aa-a h systems.

Found there many supergiants too, also the "rare" red supergiants (on GalMap shown as K0Iab, K1Iab, K2Iab, K3Iab, no real M-class).

i am on the hunt for more red supergiants.