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Aktuelles Schiff:
Quetzalcoatl [NCC-18]
(Krait Phantom)
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Kontostand: Cr
Maiden Voyage

11 November 3304.

I Embarked in Jameson Memorial - Shinrarta Dezhra for the NX-171 Viracocha's first expedition. The target destination is the Omega Nebula, depending on the Viracocha's performance I might take it even further. I haven't seen many Imperial Cutters used as an exploratory vessel so the results will be exciting, So far it has proven reliable, and it's huge size and it's accommodating facilities make it a comfortable deep space explorer, to say the least. I managed to get the jump range to 47.9 Light years thanks to Felicity Farseer's boundless knowledge of FSD drives. I would also like to thank my friend Ram Tah for enlightening me about the value of Guardian technology, as the class 5 Guardian FSD Booster gave me a huge boost of 10 extra lightyears to my jump range. For now, things are looking bright (in due thanks to the ever-nearing galactic core) and now some well deserved time in the gymnasium before I make the next jump.

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