Expeditions > At the Eldritch Gate

Expedition summary
Starting date Jul 10, 2022, 12:00:00 PM
Arrival date Sep 17, 2022, 12:00:00 PM
Starting system LAWD 26
Waypoints 13
Arrival system Thaikeau MC-C d18
Participants 138
  - Abandonment 68
  - Success 70
Estimated distance 108,669.63 ly
Expedition announce

Expedition extended to the 17th due to completion, the expedition tentatively ends on the 10th


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Welcome to the first Independent Explorer's Association multi-squadron expedition

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Expedition Trailer

The tale goes this way.

7 years ago, CMDR Kelly Eldridge discovered a remarkable find that everyone is familiar with today: The rare and elusive green gas giants. Nobody had seen anything like it before, and many CMDRs wondered in awe if there would be more planets like it somewhere in the galaxy. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the discovery was lost to time, mainly as Kelly Eldridge died herself in the brief but deadly Cerberus Plague, which coincidentally happened right after she returned on a badly beaten ship with no comms enabled…

Multiple expeditions and efforts have been made throughout Elite history to discover this elusive planet. Most of them unsuccessful; however, IEA has come in possession of two pivotal objects that might prove a difference in the finding of the Gas Giant:

  1. A map of the region where CMDR Kelly Eldridge navigated herself before returning to the bubble to her demise. Which is mainly in the region modernly known as Vulcan’s Gate

  2. A high-resolution photograph of her find. With celestial object references, that picture in the eye of the experienced explorer can make this search possible.

However, compared to previous efforts, IEA has brought together many experienced explorers from all over the galaxy, who proved themselves worthy of this task on Magellan Experience and lived to tell the tale.

However, other groups, squadrons, and associations are welcome to try to get the finding with the information we provide (and encourage). As a squadron member, if you are interested in creating an expeditionary force in the name of your squadron, feel free to drop your logo or expeditionary force logo in our new channel inside our discord. We also encourage you to announce this and make a channel for this. WE WISH ALL SQUADRONS AND GROUPS A GOOD LUCK AND MIGHT THE BEST EXPLORER CLAIM HISTORY

Current registered squadrons/organizations:

Azura Initiative - Waypoint 5
Canonn - Waypoint 13
Cosmic Broadband Telecom -Waypoint 2
Independent Explorers Association -Waypoint 2
Landstrider Legion  [L4ND] - Waypoint 10 
Sidewinder Syndicate - Waypoint 7
Stellar Cartographers Guild - Waypoint 6
Geriatric Squadron- Waypoint 2
Radiant Ruby Control Cooperative - Waypoint 9
Deep Space Network - Waypoint 8
Celebration of Early Astronomy - Waypoint 4 
Intergalactic Astronomical Union - [IGAU] Deep Space 27 - Near Waypoint 6
Open Pilots Initiative - Exploration Division "At the Eldritch Gate" - Waypoint 11
Stellanebulla Project - Waypoint 5
IEA - Waypoint 2
The Fatherhood - Waypoint 9
Ed's 38 -Waypoint 10
Independent Mining - Waypoint 13

Probable TBA:

Buur Pit

If you are interested in adding your squadron to the list, feel free to add me and shoot me a DM to Lovecraft#6649

This will be a concentrated region expedition without long routes or keeping up! Boxel/mass code survey encouraged!

Every group can bring their fleet carriers and make a home base on the POI map we will provide. To complete the expedition, simply visit every single one of the POI and take the bus/carrier back and check out in our designated midpoint POI towards the bubble. The region is based on the map of CMDR Kelly Eldridge, so every POI is an excellent point to survey around.

If you don't have a group, don't worry. You can always explore as an Independent has part of the Independent Explorers Association bulk force, which represents all explorers without being subjected to a squadron. Just sign up in the roster and you will be part of IEA for this expedition.

Looking forward to see you and your group in the next mission. enter image description here

Photo credit: CMDR Tyy'sun Eson

Logo credit: CMDR GM Faux

POI scouting and photos: CMDR Arcanic

Expedition timer

This expedition is finished.

Jumps so far...
Total distance travelled
Celestial bodies scanned
Celestial bodies mapped
Fuel used
Probes used
Commanders dead
Commanders self destructed
Expedition waypoints
System Distance from start Participants reached Participants visited
#1 LAWD 26
#2 Thraikoo PS-U e2-4 (DSSA Inverness / Thracian Nebula) 19,983.03 ly
#3 Flya Hypooe XU-X e1-7 21,286.52 ly
#4 Dehe PP-V d3-22 24,395.68 ly
#5 Bleou Aick XU-P d5-3 30,828.72 ly
#6 Eishorps NR-M d7-31 34,743.39 ly
#7 Ploadao OI-T d3-21 37,582.87 ly
#8 Crookoae VN-K d8-33 39,774.38 ly
#9 Dehue WV-M d7-27 44,620.69 ly
#10 Plae Phlue YE-A e1 47,996.73 ly
#11 Bleou Euhm KX-L d7-124 50,488.50 ly
#12 Fojaae RO-D c1-1 53,224.31 ly
#13 Blaea Euhn LM-W e1-6 56,226.14 ly
#14 Shaulai DL-P d5-274 81,235.16 ly
#15 Thaikeau MC-C d18 108,669.63 ly