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Name Type
3 Geminorum γ Stellar Features
13 Mu Sagittarii Beacon
15 Sagittarii γ Stellar Features
46 Upsilon Sagittarii γ Stellar Features
Aegel β Planetary Nebula
Agnairt Expedition Basecamp Planetary Features
Agnairt Supernova Remnant β Planetary Nebula
Aishaidy Beacon Beacon
Alatar and Pallando γ Stellar Features
Alectrona (Morning's Mists) Θ Surface Features
Aledon's Eye β Planetary Nebula
Alessia's Pearls Planetary Features
Algriel β Planetary Nebula
Alien Crash Sites Mystery POI
The Alluring Siren Planetary Features
Altera's Eye β Planetary Nebula
Altum Sagittarii Depot Jumponium-Rich System
Altum Sagittarii Prime Other POI
The Amano Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Amethyst Cloud Depot Jumponium-Rich System
Amundsen's Star Beacon
Amundsen Terminal Deep Space Outpost
Anaia Planetary Features
Andwari γ Stellar Features
Angelfish Nebula α Nebula
The Anvil α Nebula
Aphrodites' Temple α Nebula
The Aquarium β Planetary Nebula
Aquarius Planetary Features
Aquila Dark Region Nebula α Nebula
Aquitania Planetary Features
Arethusa Planetary Features
Arissa's Orbs Planetary Features
Assairshch Torment γ Stellar Features
Asterous - The 'Northern' Meridian Beacon
Astraeus Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Atahip Wisteria Depot Jumponium-Rich System
Athaip Wisteria Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Atlantis Planetary Features
Atlas II γ Stellar Features
Attenborough's Watch Deep Space Outpost
August Nebula α Nebula
Aunairm Planetary Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Avernus Gate Nebula α Nebula
Awjila Planetary Features
Barnard's Loop Beacon
Base Camp Deep Space Outpost
Baukoa Juliet Alpha β Planetary Nebula
Baukoa Juliet Alpha β Planetary Nebula
Baukoa Juliet Beta β Planetary Nebula
Beagle Depot Jumponium-Rich System
Beagle Point η Historical Location
Bees Patthar Θ Surface Features
Beetle Nebula α Nebula
Bendurion's Present α Nebula
Beta Hydrae δ Black Hole
Beta Site Deep Space Outpost
The Betelgeusian Brothers γ Stellar Features
Bhare (Vostok Canyon) Θ Surface Features
Binary Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Blacklight Planetary Features
Black Treasure δ Black Hole
The Black Widow Pulsar ζ Pulsar
Bleae Aewsy Nebula α Nebula
Bleia1 λ Restricted Sectors
Bleia2 λ Restricted Sectors
Bleia3 λ Restricted Sectors
Bleia4 λ Restricted Sectors
Bleia5 λ Restricted Sectors
Blessed Nebula α Nebula
Blinking Nebula β Planetary Nebula
'Blink Of An Eye' Remnant β Planetary Nebula
Blood Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Bloody Haze Nebula α Nebula
Blue In The Black Beacon
Blue Lilies Nebula β Planetary Nebula
The Blue Louse β Planetary Nebula
Blue Planetary Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Bobule Blue β Planetary Nebula
Boiling Cauldron Nebula α Nebula
Bonfire Nebula α Nebula
Borchgrevink Point Other POI
Bouquet Nebula α Nebula
Bovomit λ Restricted Sectors
Bow-Tie Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Bowl of Chillies Planetary Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Braeburn Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Braisio Juliet Alpha β Planetary Nebula
Braisio Juliet Beta β Planetary Nebula
The Briar Patch Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Brothers in Genesis Planetary Features
Brüder Grimm δ Black Hole
Bubble Nebula α Nebula
Buboes Star γ Stellar Features
The Bug Nebula (NGC 6302) β Planetary Nebula
Bullet Nebula β Planetary Nebula
Burnell Pulsar ζ Pulsar
Burning Ember Nebula α Nebula
Byeethe Torment γ Stellar Features
Byoomao Blue Remnant β Planetary Nebula