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Found 8,657 minor factions.
Home system
Baltah'Sine Freedom Party Empire Dictatorship Baltah'Sine
Balte Life Services Empire Corporate
Bama Empire Party Empire Patronage Bama
Bamani Gold Netcoms & Co Empire Corporate Bamani
Bambara Gold Mark Exchange Empire Corporate Bambara
Bamini Prison Colony Empire Prison colony Bamini
Baminyi Defence Force Empire Dictatorship Baminyi
Bana Autocracy Empire Dictatorship Bana
Banbudo Silver Major Partners Empire Corporate
Bandumar Imperial Society Empire Patronage
Bandumar Purple Major Group Empire Corporate Bandumar
Bang Comms Network Empire Corporate Bang
Bang Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Bang
Bangyani Jet Netcoms Co Empire Corporate
Banji Jet State Incorporated Empire Corporate Banji
Baracians Emperor's Grace Empire Patronage Baracians
Baracians Empire Assembly Empire Patronage Baracians
Baramat Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Baramat
Barangali Imperial Society Empire Patronage Barangali
Barasi Patrons of Law Empire Patronage Barasi
Barayai Empire Consulate Empire Patronage Barayai
Barbaram Natural Systems Empire Corporate Barbaram
Bard Citizens' Forum Empire Patronage Bard
Barka Empire Assembly Empire Patronage Barka
Barka Life Commodities Empire Corporate Barka
Barkindji Crimson Allied PLC Empire Corporate Barkindji
Barons of Ambivas Empire Feudal Ambivas
Barons of Aning Empire Feudal Aning
Barons of Arebeghe Empire Feudal Arebeghe
Barons of Arkab Posterior Empire Feudal Arkab Posterior
Barons of Ausrintini Empire Feudal Ausrintini
Barons of Ba Nari Empire Feudal Ba Nari
Barons of Coringha Empire Feudal Coringha
Barons of Decean Empire Feudal
Barons of HIP 112441 Empire Feudal
Barons of HIP 22295 Empire Feudal HIP 22295
Barons of HIP 2747 Empire Feudal HIP 2747
Barons of HIP 5381 Empire Feudal HIP 5381
Barons of HR 8769 Empire Feudal HR 8769
Barons of Junda Empire Feudal Junda
Barons of Kafigelabon Empire Feudal Kafigelabon
Barons of Kakau Empire Feudal Kakau
Barons of Kalaik Empire Feudal Kalaik
Barons of Nai Shoro Empire Feudal Nai Shoro
Barons of NLTT 5871 Empire Feudal NLTT 5871
Barons of Oglan Empire Feudal Oglan
Barons of Ogowei Empire Feudal
Barons of Oranyayp Empire Feudal Oranyayp
Barons of Siculottii Empire Feudal Siculottii
Barons of Sugag Empire Feudal
Barons of Tagalag Empire Feudal
Barons of Tolokitan Empire Feudal Tolokitan
Barons of Wirang Empire Feudal Wirang
Barons of Zenmait Empire Feudal Zenmait
Baroo Empire League Empire Patronage Baroo
Barotrites Nobles Empire Feudal Barotrites
Barundjal Empire Consulate Empire Patronage Barundjal
Barundjal Silver Vision Int Empire Corporate Barundjal
Basikasingo General Limited Empire Corporate Basikasingo
Bastanien Empire Assembly Empire Patronage Bastanien
Basterni Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Basterni
Basuk Imperial Society Empire Patronage Basuk
Basuk Jet Public Network Empire Corporate
Bataenich Empire League Empire Patronage Bataenich
Batzin Conservatives Empire Dictatorship Batzin
Baudhea Imperial Society Empire Patronage Baudhea
Baudhea Jet Galactic Industry Empire Corporate Baudhea
Baudihe Crimson Federal Inc Empire Corporate Baudihe
Baudu Empire Party Empire Patronage Baudu
Baudugari Power Commodities Empire Corporate Baudugari
Baudurotri Citizens of Tradition Empire Patronage Baudurotri
Bava Blue Travel Systems Empire Corporate Bava
Baya Imperial Society Empire Patronage Baya
Bayah Energy Holdings Empire Corporate Bayah
Bayahutina Gold Comms Network Empire Corporate Bayahutina
BD+00 197 Liberty Party Empire Dictatorship BD+00 197
BD+02 4718 Conservatives Empire Dictatorship
BD+05 5244 Gold Natural Partners Empire Corporate BD+05 5244
BD+33 256 Imperial Society Empire Patronage BD+33 256
BD+59 1851 Citizens of Tradition Empire Patronage BD+59 1851
BD-09 241 General Industries Empire Corporate BD-09 241
BD-17 6172 Universal Industry Empire Corporate BD-17 6172
Beara Patrons of Law Empire Patronage Beara
Beargk Silver Public PLC Empire Corporate Beargk
Beatis Citizens' Forum Empire Patronage Beatis
Beditjari Empire League Empire Patronage Beditjari
Beker Citizens' Forum Empire Patronage Beker
Beker Exchange Empire Corporate Beker
Bela Oh Empire League Empire Patronage Bela Oh
Bela Oh Silver Universal Group Empire Corporate Bela Oh
Bela Wena Citizens' Forum Empire Patronage Bela Wena
Belaba Constitution Party Empire Dictatorship Belaba
Belaba Silver Netcoms Industry Empire Corporate Belaba
Belabos Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Belabos
Belalans Industries Empire Corporate Belalans
Belalans Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Belalans
Belata Conservatives Empire Dictatorship Belata
Belatus & Co Empire Corporate Belatus
Belenja Party Empire Dictatorship Belenja
Belgovara Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Belgovara