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Found 8,830 minor factions.
Home system
1 G. Caeli Empire League Empire Patronage 1 G. Caeli
104th Phoenix Discovery Group Empire Patronage Woyo Mina
137th Special Purpose Fleet Empire Patronage
13th Legion Empire Feudal
17 Beta Piscis Austrini Corporation Empire Corporate 17 Beta Piscis Austrini
18 Lambda Piscium Society Empire Patronage 18 Lambda Piscium
1st Galactic Line of Defence Empire Patronage Menguru
1st Imperial Trading Party Empire Dictatorship
1st Imperium Auxiliary Cohort Empire Patronage
212th Imperial Fleet Empire Feudal
22 Gamma Piscis Austrini United Empire Corporate 22 Gamma Piscis Austrini
23 Delta Piscis Austrini Legal Empire Corporate 23 Delta Piscis Austrini
233 G. Aquarii Gold Comms Ltd Empire Corporate 233 G. Aquarii
234 G. Carinae Empire Party Empire Patronage 234 G. Carinae
24 G. Carinae Empire League Empire Patronage 24 G. Carinae
27 G. Caeli Empire Group Empire Patronage 27 G. Caeli
28 Doradus Jet Creative Ltd Empire Corporate 28 Doradus
30 Ceti Patron's Principles Empire Patronage 30 Ceti
39 Aquarii Dynamic Corp. Empire Corporate 39 Aquarii
4 Eridani Party Empire Dictatorship 4 Eridani
41 Upsilon-4 Eridani Assembly Empire Patronage 41 Upsilon-4 Eridani
42nd Imperial Enclave Empire Patronage
47 Ceti Citizens' Forum Empire Patronage 47 Ceti
47th Imperial Expeditionary Force Empire Dictatorship Cernobog
51st Death Dealers Empire Feudal Liabeze
51st Imperial Legion Empire Patronage
53 chi Ceti Imperial Society Empire Patronage 53 chi Ceti
63rd Expeditionary Fleet Empire Corporate
66 Ceti Company Empire Corporate 66 Ceti
6th Imperial Commission Empire Patronage
6th Interstellar Corps Empire Patronage Daesi
77 Aquarii Patron's Principles Empire Patronage 77 Aquarii
7th Interplanetary Defense Fleet Empire Patronage Odomazotz
7th Legion Empire Feudal Basterni
8 Piscis Austrini Empire Group Empire Patronage 8 Piscis Austrini
86 Aquarii Transport Group Empire Corporate 86 Aquarii
8th Imperial Pilot's Syndicate Empire Prison colony Wheemez
9 Ceti Empire Party Empire Patronage 9 Ceti
9 Iota Piscis Austrini Partners Empire Corporate 9 Iota Piscis Austrini
98 Aquarii Services Empire Corporate 98 Aquarii
A Industries LTD Empire Corporate Tangaroa
A.N.T.R.O Empire Corporate
Aakushu Empire Party Empire Patronage Aakushu
Aakushu Imperial Society Empire Patronage Aakushu
Aarti Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage
AB Pictoris Commodities Empire Corporate AB Pictoris
Abaana Gold Federal Industries Empire Corporate Abaana
Abaana Solutions Empire Corporate Abaana
Abanda Industries Empire Corporate Abanda
Abasina Empire League Empire Patronage Abasina
Abe Major Partners Empire Corporate Abe
Abikabiates Patron's Principles Empire Patronage Abikabiates
Abikudi Purple Advanced Inc Empire Corporate Abikudi
Abikuolu Jet Natural Int Empire Corporate Abikuolu
Abreda Crimson Federal Ind Empire Corporate
Abrigi State Interstellar Empire Corporate Abrigi
Abuk Empire League Empire Patronage
Abukunn Blue Fortune Inc Empire Corporate Abukunn
Aburukan Empire Party Empire Patronage Aburukan
Ac Yai Inc Empire Corporate Ac Yai
Ac Yaming Organisation Empire Corporate Ac Yaming
Ac Yariu Creative Commodities Empire Corporate Ac Yariu
Acamar Exchange Empire Corporate Acamar
Acani Nationalists Empire Dictatorship Acani
Ace Pilot Wing Empire Corporate
Achan Systems Empire Corporate
Achapsugs Holdings Empire Corporate Achapsugs
Achehoongat Empire Group Empire Patronage Achehoongat
Achehoongat Energy Group Empire Corporate Achehoongat
Achenar Comms Co Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Empire League Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Empire Party Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Immortals Empire Patronage Paras
Achenar Jet Organisation Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Trading and Mining Empire Corporate
Achenar Universal Incorporated Empire Patronage Achenar
Achini Empire League Empire Patronage Achini
Achrende General Inc Empire Corporate Achrende
Achreni Empire League Empire Patronage Achreni
Achreni Interstellar Empire Corporate Achreni
Achuar Purple Electronics Sysy Empire Corporate Achuar
Acokwang Silver United Inc Empire Corporate Acokwang
Acorn Freelancers Corporate Faction Empire Corporate
Adachit Fortune Inc Empire Corporate Adachit
Adachit Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Adachit
Adachit Solutions Empire Corporate Adachit
Adad Exchange Empire Corporate Adad
Adan Jet Major Interstellar Empire Corporate Adan
Addo Dominion Empire Feudal Addo
Addovichs Noblement Empire Feudal Addovichs
Addovik Constitution Party Empire Dictatorship Addovik
Addovika Empire Party Empire Patronage Addovika
Adit Order Empire Dictatorship Adit
Aditi Crimson Energy Inc Empire Corporate Aditi
Aditi Empire League Empire Patronage Aditi
Aditjari Freedom Party Empire Dictatorship Aditjari
Adiyan Transport Limited Empire Corporate Adiyan
Adnoartina Creative Holdings Empire Corporate Adnoartina
Adnoartina Noblement Empire Feudal Adnoartina
Aebocori Domain Empire Feudal Aebocori