Rigel [#31383856276]


This system is located at: 385.78125 / -360.40625 / -682.53125

Galactic coordinates: R: 862.884 / l: 209.476 / b: -24.688
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 5h 16m 56.328s / Declination: -8° 8'48.352''

Habitable zone:
Metal-rich body (9 to 2,000 ls), Earth-like world (31,476 to 47,209 ls), Water world (25,811 to 99,960 ls), Ammonia world (65,307 to 177,707 ls), Terraformable (24,516 to 48,918 ls)

Estimated value: 2,671 cr

Traffic report

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Pliers.

1786 ships passed through Rigel space, including 1 ship in the last 7 days.

1 ship passed through Rigel space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 1

Rigel (also designated Beta Orionis) is generally the seventh-brightest star in the night sky of Earth and the brightest star in the constellation of Orion. It forms the left "foot" of Orion, and the name Rigel traces to the historical Arabic name 'Rijl Jauzah al Yusrā', "the left foot of Jauzah [Orion]". It was well known throughout ancient Earth cultures, and was commonly seen in fiction in the days before spaceflight was common.

Rigel itself (or Rigel A) is a bright blue-white supergiant and Alpha Cygni variable. The general spectral type of Rigel as B8 is well-established and it has been used as a defining point of the spectral classification sequence for supergiants. Rigel's companion is a typical B-class dwarf star. Note that due to the mechanics of frameshift drive, travelers will arrive at the companion star, which is more massive. The separation between the companion and the primary is approximately 8,000 light-seconds.

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