Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744 (Ebony and Ivory) [#399580349429]


This system is located at: -4856 / 1313.3125 / 16504.65625

Galactic coordinates: R: 17,254.252 / l: 16.395 / b: 4.365
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 18h 4m 49.235s / Declination: -12° 35'4.110''

Reserve level: Pristine

Estimated value: 141,607 cr

In this system you can find all the materials for FSD Injections. This is a GREEN system.
Traffic report

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by chalfantkr.

It was named by the Galactic Mapping Project with the name of: Ebony and Ivory

371 ships passed through Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through Byaa Airm JM-W f1-744 space in the last 24 hours.

Located 2000 LYs above the border of Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm and Norma Arm, this Black Hole, closely orbited by a White Dwarf and two Neutron Stars was discovered during the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition.

The entry point of this can be hazardous as its possible to hypercruise through one of the neutron jets when exiting the hyperspace sequence - explorers beware!

As this Black Hole orbits the White dwarf its slowly sipping life with each orbit.

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