Kremainn [#13864557094337]

This modest system supports both industrial and refinery economies around its gas giants. Substantial mineral and metal deposits are said to be found in its inner asteroid belt. The two innermost gas giants form a binary pair with one of the gas giants supporting ammonia based life.

After a long journey the remaining members of the House of Grebmo settled down in the system of Kremainn. The group was formerly part of the Empire, but after a conflict on their old home planet of Grebegus they defected to Federation space.

System information


Contested by
Zachary Hudson.
Contested by
Yuri Grom.












Controlling faction:

Kremainn Corp.


This system is located at: -37.0625 / -11.15625 / 59.0625

Galactic coordinates: R: 70.615 / l: 32.109 / b: -9.090
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 19h 22m 23.096s / Declination: -4° 51'24.139''

Reserve level: Common

Habitable zone:
Metal-rich body (1 to 6 ls), Earth-like world (88 to 132 ls), Water world (72 to 279 ls), Ammonia world (182 to 496 ls), Terraformable (68 to 137 ls)

Estimated value: 31,527 cr

Traffic report

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by J. Calvert (Joshua) on Nov 17, 2014, 1:50:12 PM.

8611 ships passed through Kremainn space, including 19 ships in the last 7 days.

4 ships passed through Kremainn space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 2
Federal Corvette - 1
Krait Phantom - 1

Minor factions
Kremainn Corp. (Boom) 32.356 %
Silver Dynamic Interstellar (War) 12.841 %
Kremainn Free (War) 11.830 %
Chowei Purple Major Group (Boom) 10.819 %
Party of Kremainn (None) 10.718 %
Uzumeru Netcoms Incorporated (None) 9.707 %
Kremainn First (None) 9.707 %
Kremainn Blue Brotherhood (None) 1.011 %
House of Grebmo (None) 1.011 %