HD 43193 (Oochorrs Lighthouse) [#167244341]


This system is located at: 905.3125 / -271.6875 / -1465.875

Galactic coordinates: R: 1,744.189 / l: 211.699 / b: -8.961
Equatorial coordinates: Right ascension: 6h 17m 16.349s / Declination: -2° 59'14.055''

Reserve level: Pristine

Habitable zone:
Metal-rich body (12 to 4,907 ls), Earth-like world (77,251 to 115,862 ls), Water world (63,345 to 245,325 ls), Ammonia world (160,279 to 436,134 ls), Terraformable (60,169 to 120,055 ls)

Estimated value: 187,908 cr

Traffic report

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Virosh Lich.

It was named by the Galactic Mapping Project with the name of: Oochorrs Lighthouse

101 ships passed through HD 43193 space, including 0 ship in the last 7 days.

0 ship passed through HD 43193 space in the last 24 hours.

enter image description here

Primary class B star with a Black Hole 800ls away and another 14,000ls away. It is the true show of a binary neutron star pair about 5ls apart. Curiously one neutron star is 4.8 Million K cooler than the other.