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(Diamondback Explorer)
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May 17, 2020
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17,601,582,295 Cr
Twin Earths

Discovered them in binary orbit, a gorgeous pair of twin earth-like planets, in a system with a water world. A site to behold. Landed on one of the light atmospheric planets. Renewed synthesis materials. A gorgeous site. Good explorations, Commanders!

Addendum: Again, since writing, I found another twin Earth-like system. This time a binary, with an Earth-like orbiting each star.

Moving on from Hieronymus Delta

Spent two months exploring the region. I now have 64 confirmed biological discoveries to my name in the Codex. Though, clearly, many other explorers have recently arrived. I also encountered particularly unusual planetary surface sites, in totally unexplored, remote space. Crashed ships, downed satellite, even skimmer and turret protected installations... on practically every landable planet. Unexpected to say the least. Though, peculiarly, these all disappeared just over a week ago. Back to exploration. Maybe one day I'll travel back to the bubble for that exploration suit, however, content to move on. It's been a lot of distance travelled since I departed my last starport; Hell Port, on 17th May 3306. Safe travels, Commanders.

Hieronymus Delta biological exploration

Visited numerous planetary bodies in the last three days. Have encountered a fascinating diversity of new life. Hieronymus Delta previously had 5 organic structures discovered. It's now, 34. The difference in the maths, were all discovered by myself. Hurray for not scarpering back to the bubble... Just to get That Suit. Additionally, Reached Exploration rank Elite II, whatever that means. Happy adventures, Commanders!

Thoughts on a fleet carrier

Exploration has led me to many unknown places, and my fascination never ends. However, the paranoia of losing my exploration data (Which has now happened once), the pain of chasing transitory fleet carriers and, otherwise, the trek to turn in my discoveries, has brought me to a conclusion: I have more than sufficient credits to buy a fleet carrier, from exploration data, but obtaining one is difficult. 36k light years from the nearest vendor! All in the bubble, Colonia or very far to the south... When you're far to the north/north east, that is of little use. Sigh. Well, I suppose there's next year!

Don't ever underestimate gravity

560m of exploration data, and I misjudged the approach on a super high gravity world, Died. Am now 14,000 light years away from where I died... Urgently needing synthesis elements. Broke a number of edsm records on that trip too. Thank God for bookmarks... Am heading out tomorrow to repeat the last month.