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Fifth Endeavour [GAI-03]
(Diamondback Explorer)
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May 17, 2020
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85,593,989,163 Cr
Making a fortune from Black Holes...

Well, I have a significant amount of experience in finding Black Hole systems. Currently having over 8,000 of them accredited with my name.

They sometimes contain biological signals that are worth a huge amount of credits...

In my general experience, however, Ignore signals of the following origin: Methane, Argon, Helium, Neon, Oxygen (Unless there's Three or more) and especially Ammonia and Carbon-Dioxide (Unless there's 9 or more).

Focus on: Nitrogen (3 or more Exobiology signals), Sulphur-dioxide (Again, 3 or more signals) or, again-again, 3 or more biological signals on a Geologically active moon (My current personal record for this is 11).

There's HMC worlds, with 2 or more signals , but they are pretty few and far between in Black Hole systems.

Lastly: Water-base-atmosphere, always has an abundance of signals, the minimum I've seen is 6, Maximum 10... They're worth a significant amount, and always very valuable (Apart from the Bacterium).

There are others, I'm aware, based in nebulae... But they're the ultimate tourist hotspot, so I avoid.

I know that it has become a 'thing' to demonstrate how many biological signals you've discovered in a single system... But, sadly, most of the time, it's all of low value and not worth the effort to actually land and scan.

Indeed, I have better things to do. Though, if I'd bothered to scan a lot of low value Exobiology signals, my record for a single system would be 67 (A Helium-Rich Gas Giant system)... But I didn't, and I don't!

Most prosperous explorations, Commanders! o7

Explored in a Python for longer than expected, then Anaconda , then switched to a Krait Phantom...

Well, the Python for exploration... Didn't do any way nearly as badly as expected. Indeed, showed me a few things! It's landing footprint, in that hunt for Biological signals, compared to the Krait Phantom (and laughably , the Anaconda) is way better!

However, it's jump range isn't, albeit it was carrying significantly more cargo than my 32 Tonnes max cargo capacity Krait Phantom could manage (and the Anaconda was way better, but solely in this one single regard).

The Anaconda: I tried it, for quite a while... hoping for something! Essentially it's a slow moving piece of junk, useless for anything exploration based, beyond it's jump range.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the Krait Phantom, it is a pain in the arse to land in rough terrain compared to the Python (Don't even consider doing such a thing in an Anaconda).

I only have 18 Tonnes of Tritium left to 'Donate' to my Fleet Carrier before I can switch back to my DBX.

Seriously, for a space-based and on-foot exploration ship, and for me, this experiment has absolutely, completely conclusively proven... The DBX is the absolute BEST exploration ship.

Jump further with the Anaconda... But seriously, don't try and do anything else with it!

Safe and productive explorations, Commanders. o7

Exploration in a Type 7... If you can take the heat!

So, I explored in the Type 9... Which was interesting, however the Tritium in its hold finally reduced to below 252 tonnes, which was the cargo capacity of my Type 7... And I genuinely fancied a change!

The Type 7. Jump range is actually pretty good overall, given the size of the thing (With a pre-engineered Class 5 Frame Shift Drive, plus Mass Manager) and additional weight-shedding engineering.

Lands on planets and moons... Eventually, though It's footprint for landing isn't terrible and way, way, way better than the Type 9!

However, the bloody HEAT! Good lord! The thermal dynamics of this ship, particularly when carrying cargo of any significant amount, is awful. Critical heat warnings on EVERY single jump. I certainly wouldn't want to jump into a heat risk system with this ship, and I acted accordingly... Which is restricting.

I eventually tired of the heat dynamics relating to the Type 7, albeit it was quite an experience! However, I eventually reached below 192 tonnes cargo capacity, having jumped the Fleet Carrier multiple times... And transferred, thankfully, to the Python... And that, my friends, is a different story.

Safe and fruitful explorations, Commanders! o7

Exploration in a Type 9... (Needs must!)...

Well, given my previous exploration experience, I never thought that it would ever come to this...

Yes, exploration in a Type 9 Heavy, albeit for a limited duration.

Why? That is probably the obvious question, understandably!

Well, outfitted for exploration, with a vehicle bay, shields, FSD booster (4H), scanners, etc, it still has a cargo capacity of 704 tonnes. No other ship has a cargo capacity that comes even close.

Tritium, that is the short answer.

I've finally managed to load 24,580 Tonnes of the fuel, completely maxing out my Carrier cargo capacity, with the fuel tank also filled to the 1,000 Tonnes maximum... However, it occurred to me: You could take even more Carrier fuel with you, enough for at least another Seven jumps In the cargo hold of my Type 9 (Well, practically Eight, technically, as I flew back to the Fleet Carrier with nothing but Cargo Racks equalling 790 Tonnes total, and after the first FC jump, transferred fuel to the FC fuel tank and then outfitted as above using the freed up space)...

Basically, in those initial jumps, my Fleet Carrier travels through systems that I believe are unexplored, and seriously, I'm far too curious to just move on without first taking a look...

And, why am I doing this: the ultimate bind - You have to transfer all cargo between ships.

The Type 9 lands on a planet or moon as though it wishes to become part of it!, And if you can't find an area to land that is totally flat, you're in trouble (Or auto-landing-induced-boredom-mode).

Nevertheless, there is the SRV... And I get to drive around significantly more than I ordinarily would...

It certainly breaks the normal exploration mould, presenting a completely new perspective and series of challenges. Indeed, only by trying the ridiculous can you make it work!

Safe, and peculiar adventures, Commanders! o7

How many undiscovered Black Holes do you get for 100 million credits (On EDSM at least)?

4,114 Black Holes... Or thereabouts! I know that the value is more, but EDSM is a great equaliser, approximately tallying up with UC data sold at a Fleet Carrier (KHF-2KK Outpost Gaitskell, preferably).

Nevertheless, it has been a great adventure. A new personal record of x5 Black Holes in a single system, and also x5 Neutron Stars in a single, Black Hole primary star system.

Not a particularly good money earner, agreed, however I've also made over 20 Billion Credits in Exobiology in the last 4 months, predominantly through those systems.

Other EDSM Discovery value facts of mine:

Over 20 Billion worth of High Metal Content Worlds.

Nearly 8 Billion for Water Worlds.

Only One Billion, so far, for Earth-Like Worlds.

Nevertheless, the exploration continues!

Safe and advantageous adventures, Commanders!

Fully Engineered Krait Phantom?

Having engineering my DBX to its maximum, and yet still practical, capacity (74.78Ly jump range), it struck me that having exploration build options keep things interesting.

Now, I own an engineered Anaconda, however, it's enormous lumbering bulk make it no fun to fly, and when it comes to Exobiology, useless. The highest Jump range, certainly, but for an explorer, beyond being an expedient taxi, it really is no use at all.

That brings me to the Krait Phantom. Both it and it's sister ship are great to fly, but built for very different purposes. Fully Engineered, my Krait Phantom will jump 73.58Ly (though, again Coriolis states 73.46Ly... for reasons) again, that's with an SRV hanger and repair options. It doesn't land on planets too badly either, though at this the DBX is supreme.

It's early days, and I'm experimenting... Does the Krait Phantoms significantly faster fuel scooping rate outweigh the DBX's rapid planetary landing - practically anywhere - ability? I will determine through experimentation. Nevertheless, it's always great to have another ship option that meets my exploration needs.

Safe journeys, Commanders.

Fully Engineered Diamondback Explorer (I know...)

I know. I know everything that I have previously said about over-engineering my DBX. About the practicality, the grind and, well, the bubble. However, it struck me: I've looked at hundreds of DBX engineering builds over the years, but haven't come across one that completely blew me away.

Thanks to, in it's many regards, I've now built mine... After much effort. This is an exploration ship. Still practical in all regards, however I do miss the Repair Limpet Controller... Nevertheless, it's outfitted with a planetary vehicle hanger and auto field maintenance, no short cuts. Jump range: 74.78(Though, oddly, Coriolis displays 74.71Ly)... It could have been 74.83(Coriolis 74.77Ly), and in all honesty it was, however, I really hated the 2D Power Plant heat signature, especially on my DBX, so uprated slightly again to a 2A Overcharged, Stripped Down (74.78Ly jump range).

Obviously, I stripped it down fully and dropped the fuel tank to 3C for the novelty of being able to Neutron Jump slightly over 325Ly.

I love this galaxy and, despite the grind, the opportunities it presents, should you wish to engage.

Direct link to the Coriolis build below (Apologies for the mass text link... I don't know any better!):

Black Holes... Adaptive/Repopulating Boxels

Adaptive, or Repopulating Boxels... What does that mean?

I've discovered over 2500 Black Holes in the Brambue Sector. I genuinely thought that I'd found as many as I could possibly find.


I don't generally know what to call them, and therefore have opted for 'adaptive Boxels'.

There's potentially a number of them in every sector.

Well, we're limited to 200 bookmarks.

I have frequently maxed those out when a Boxel is too large.

I'll call them Adaptive Boxels, for reference sake.

So far, I have Three on my suspect list... Boxels where I've looked at the defining content of that Boxel previously (probably more than once) and visited every black hole... However, weeks, if not a month or two passes... I checked the boxels again... And there's apparently 12 Black Holes that I missed the first time around. Impossible.

They change.

This may be the way the ED Galaxy stays interesting and fresh.

Likewise, those enormous AA-A H boxels, and this wasn't apparent before Odyssey... There's thousands upon thousands of them... In my opinion, they gradually unlock. Again, keeping things fresh. I can personally demonstrate this by being the first to discover a Wolf-Rayat star in a well travelled sector. AA-A H7 had been discovered. I discovered AA-A H8... Whilst seeing there were over 30 other AA-A H rated systems numbering above them, languishing in some kind of interstellar stasis... You can locate them on the galactic map, but you can't visit them... There, but not there.

I believe the ED Galaxy will continue to have wonders to discover, for a long time to come.

Safe explorations, Commanders!

The Brambue Black Hole Bonanza draws to a close

Well, if nothing else, I'm a completionist. Just over 4 months later, I've personally discovered (and put my name on) over 2500 Black Holes in Brambue Sector... Not long finished mopping up the last handful now.

I've learned a few things:

I've discovered 550 boxels rated E (Lower Mass and really quite common) to H (The highest Mass rating and really very rare).

Some of those boxels have partnered mass boxels in the E, F, G and rarely (only AA-A), H range.

Boxel distribution across a sector is limited to no more than 8... For example: AB-C, BB-C, CB-C, DB-C EB-C, FB-C, GB-C and HB-C, stretching across the Sector.

Interesting facts.

Occasionally, you'll find Seven of the boxels in a row, but not an eighth... The eighth will be a random letter of the alphabet not included in the original seven.

Ultimately, if you find an interesting Boxel, for example Brambue AF-A F(number), there will be associates stretching across the Sector, predominantly starting with the first letter (I.e. BF-A F, CF-A F, DF-A F, etc).

Sometimes, there are only four... If so, there really is only four.

Boxels with Black Hole systems will very rarely, if at all have any Herbig AE/Be primary stars in that Boxel. The same when reversed.

Certain boxels, low in number and spread across the Sector, will have a high density of Black Holes.

Moved on to a different sector. Will see how this information stacks up there.

Good and varied explorations Commanders.

Has Vista Genomics gone mad?

So, I held onto that Exobiology data, awaiting the forthcoming payment buff, as previously mentioned.

So today I cashed it in, trading in around 25 Million credits worth (In old money, so to speak).

My conclusion: The system is broken! I was previously at 19% on Elite (No numbers), now I'm a fully rated Elite V.

The numbers don't make any sense. Previously, best expectations between Elite rankings I to V was 250 million credits (440 million credits, on the wiki).

These are the figures of my transaction. I watched it very closely:

My credit balance beforehand: 20,539,765,814

Value of Exobiology-Data Sold: 545,437,585

Expected Total afterwards should have been: 21,085,203,399

However, instead it was: 21,630,640,984 Which means Vista Genomics paid me: 1,090,875,170 for the Exo-Data, twice their listed amount... Which still shouldn't be enough to reach maximum at Elite V.

Quite disappointed really. I enjoyed the experience. However now, even the most common of bacteria on any old moon or planet is worth more than mapping a Decent sized Terraformable HMC World...

And heaven forfend seeing a biological Stratum signal on a HMC World, where the same system has an Earth-like World... The Stratum is worth more than TEN times as much as that gorgeous Earth-like planet...

Pay me a nice bonus for scanning all the Biologicals on a Moon/Planet, or better yet, every single Biological in a system.

Balance is needed, I believe.

Safe travels, Commanders.