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(Type-9 Heavy)
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May 25, 2020
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17,553,671 Cr
Log - 2 [Took long enough...]

After a long & tedious voyage, I have finally made it to Colonia.

Finally Here

Even though it took me longer than I initially anticipated, I miraculously managed to make it here in once piece. I have a few interesting stories to tell before I decide what to do next; Skip them if you want!

First thing I should probably mention is that I changed the way I pilot my ship mid-flight. While looking around in the storage room of my DBX for leftover pizza, I found a box with a pink sticky-note labled HOTAS. It included some very fancy looking controls for my console. I thought I'd give them a try, the fact that I was literally in the middle of nowhere & that I was using a botched game controller from the old days to pilot my ship certainly helped with that. I particularly enjoy flying with these controls, and now I really don't think I can go back. Who knew that leftover pizza could lead to such things?

Second, but in no particular order, was my grave mistake of not packing more duct-tape. I'm serious; I was halfway into my journey, trundling along from neutron star to neutron star when my FSD decided its a good moment to malfunction- Right as I'm trying to fuel scoop... Thank god for the copious amount of heat-sinks I managed to pack into my ship while drunk. At that point, my AFMU was pretty much dry, and I had no means of collecting materials for some new juice. (I really just don’t even remember how to...) Desperate, and not wanting to loose all of my data while going through a neutron star thanks to my very considerate FSD, I took a look at Galnet. On the front page was something about a Colonia Bridge, how FU##### lucky am I? Shorty after posting my first log, I rushed over to the nearest station on the bridge and got my stuff patched up. Moral of the story is don't drink & drive, especially in space, especially if your going out to a remote location with no preparation.

Finally, I have something terrifying to tell you all. On the final stretch of my journey, about 5 jumps away from Colonia, I managed to stumble across my first ever White Dwarf- And holy tricycle are they scary as crap. I scurried out of the system as fast as my wimpy space-legs could take me, however not before the thing could set my entire ship ablaze. I guess my fellow commanders call me "Elite at flying into the sun" for a reason, huh...

Anyways, I'm here now, but I have no idea what to do next. I do have quite a few options though.

  • Wait for someone to fly my brick over so I can get some cash doing some major trading.
  • Explore the local area for some awesome sights.
  • Take another expedition, this time to the centre of the galaxy
  • Literally anything I think of.

I guess this is why people say its not about the destination..? All I'm saying is that it just feels odd now that I'm actually here.

I probably won't be going back to the bubble until either I grind out a really awesome ship that can make the trip in about a day, or I blown up by someone without having rebuy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I just wanna stay a while, or atleast until the thargoids figure out whether they want to kill us or not.

Until then, or at least until I screw up royally, this is CMDR KolaKattz, signing off.

Log - 1 [No idea how I got here.]

This might seem odd, but I don't know how I got here.


The last thing I remember was drinking a few (nondescript) drinks & haphazardly driving my DBX through a neutron star. After that... Well- I'm not sure. One thing I can say, however, is that I know for a fact my systems aren't completely fried, and that I am alive; Even my cactus is fine.

The logs say that I traveled here over a span of a few days; and it only feels like I started out yesterday. In reality, its been over 4 months since the last flight log. I wish I could say what happened, but I truly have no idea. I had a book set aside, probably for the trip, and I've found a few highlighted words beneath a couple pen marks. "ON FOOT DISASTER" is what's spelled out. I have no clue what this could mean, but I assume it's a reason; An obscure and meaningless one at that.

I suppose I should keep going, all the way to Colonia. I got this far without consciousness, I'm sure I can do the rest without going completely insane.

This is CMDR KolaKattz, currently lost in Skaudai GW-D b45-16. Cya soon, if I make it to Colonia alive.