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Oct 17, 2020
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312,681,618 Cr
Egg Shaped Gas Giant

Found a Class 1 Gas Giant with 0.4 Day (9.6 Hours) rotational period. Might be a rare find, but I thought it was cool.


Cool Discovery

So I was jumping around some black holes in Odin's Hold, and I noticed an Earth Like World orbiting, well sort-of, orbiting a Black Hole. It was orbiting K Star, that was orbiting a Black Hole. Still cool nonetheless! :D


Weird Discovery

As far as I can tell, the system is bugged because there are 4 Brown Dwarf stars labeled as T-Tauri Stars. I've contacted FD about it.

So, I am moving around Odin's Hold looking at Herbig and T Tauri Stars and I stumbled across an Ammonia World that is completely dark. Not sure if it's a bug or it has something to do with the star class. But, cool either way. enter image description here

First Wolf-Rayet Star

Found my first unexplored Wolf-Rayet Star in Odin's Hold on my way to Sag A*. Pretty awesome!

Wolf Rayet Star

Second Sagittarius A* Trip Log 2

So, I've planned a route to an unexplored Wolf Rayet star located near the Galactic Center. I'll post the location and a route once I've collected the exploration data on it at Explorers Anchorage. The trip is a 235 Jump, ~ 15k light year trip. See you in the next log!

Best Regards, CMDR Arin171

Second Sagittarius A* Trip

So, for the first part of my trip, I've decided to head for the isolated Station/Outpost located in the Lagoon Nebula where I plan to plot a route direct to Explorer Anchorage in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. I also plan to head north in to "Ryker's Hope" and look for any unexplored Wolf Rayet stars and Black Holes and maybe, if I am lucky enough, find some sort of Galactic Record. I feel I have a 0.000000000001% of finding one, but I can hope lol. Anyways, I will see you in the next log, and I left my ship details below if anyone was interested.

Ship: Odysseus - Anaconda - 68 Light Year Jump Range Shinrarta Dezhra --- Lagoon Sector FM-M B7-1 ~ 4450 Light Years - 69 jumps for me


CMDR Arin171

Turn Around

After some thought, my current trip which was going to bring me to the EAFOTS sector and a tour of three nebulae, I have decided to head back to Shinrarta Dezhra and plan for a trip to Colonia and then to Sagittarius A, or just a direct travel plan to Sag A. Overall, I don't think the EAFOTS trip will give me any worth the time I've spent traveling around other than a badge here, also I don't know that I will plan a trip to Beagle Pointe at this time. Will keep you posted!

Thanks, CMDR Arin171

Next Stop

My next stop for my small little expedition will be EAFOTS KR-T B58-3, and my route will bring me past a small nebula called NGC 1931 and directly past the Heart and Soul nebulae. The trip is around 120 jumps at a distance of 7,305 Light Years. I plan to make a triangular path back to the Bubble if nothing else catches my eye. Until my next log.

See ya commanders, CMDR Arin171

Checkpoint #1

The first leg of my celebration expedition brought me through a segment Elysian Shore and ended in the Sanguineous Rim to my destination of the Crab Pulsar. A system with 9 stars and 2 planets. My next stop will be the Asteroid Base known as Station X where I'll begin plotting my next route through the Formidine Rift. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, I'll be looking around for any undiscovered Wolf Rayet Stars or Black Holes.

Final Jump

New Badge

Finally hit 200kLy, I think it's time for a fun expedition!