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Oct 17, 2020
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312,681,618 Cr
And we're off!
  • First Jump Initiated -- \ 1:30:42 EST /
  • Route: Shinrarta Dezhra to Amundson Terminal in the Lagoon Nebula (~ 4600 Ly) (67 Jumps)
Another Bubble -- Sag A trip

Decided I should take another trip out there to get some more Light Years on my trusty ol' Anaconda, Odysseus. I plan to take this trip slow so I don't burn my self out and can actually enjoy the scenery out there. I plan to use parts of the Colonia Connection Highway. I'll do this trip, as I have done in other undocumented journeys.

  • Checkpoint 1: Shinrarta Dezhra to Lagoon Nebula
  • Checkpoint 2: The Lagoon Nebula to Rohini (And make a small stop in Lysoosms RA-Q B47- 10, which is where I discovered some Notable Stellar Phenomenon.)
  • Checkpoint 3: Rohini to Gru Hypue Nebula (Gru Hypue KS-T D3-31)
  • Checkpoint 4: Gru Hypue Nebula to Dryao AOSCS Remant (Dryao AOSCS CL-P E5-3988)
  • Checkpoint 5: Dryao AOSCS Remnant to Sagittarius A

A detailed route can be found here

Honestly, after Checkpoint 3, I plan to do around around 40-50 jumps/day just to keep a good pace. I plant to start on May 4th, 2021 at 1:30PM Eastern Standard Time. See you out there Commanders!

CMDR, Arin171

Ahh... Civlization

Finally made it back to civilization, but I decided to make a stop along the way at HIP 18390 where a new Starport was constructed by the Kumo Crew. It had some really nice views if I do say so myself.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I'm Back... Finally

After some minor setbacks like work, I've returned and I can finally return to the bubble after an unplanned 18 day extensions on my 2 day vacation lol.

Vacation Complete

My quick 2 day vacation to the Heart and Soul Nebula is now complete. I am now headed back to Shinrarta Dezhra. The trip there gained be around 6 million credits worth of exploration data.

See you when I'm back, CMDR Arin171

Small trip

I've decided to take a vacation to the Heart and Soul Nebulae, and while I'm at it, visit the EAFOTS sector for the badge and see if anything interesting it out there.

Trip Results

-- 400-600 Newly Scanned Star Systems --

  • Special Scans Breakdown -
  • 10 Wolf Rayets
  • 1 A Class Super Giant
  • 17 Carbon Stars
  • 19 White Dwarfs
  • 25 Neutron Stars
  • 19 black holes
  • 700-750 New Planets

  • Honorable Mentions -
  • 3 New Notable Stellar Phenomenon

Total Profit: 183,625,913 Credits

Probably my best find! :D

I was heading to Rohini and I came upon a system with 3 different "Notable Stellar Phenomenon" signals, an Earth Like World, & a Water World! :D

Signals - Closest to Farthest

Signal 1: Proto-Lagrange Cloud with Purpureum and Rubeum Metallic Crystals Signal 2: Proto Lagrange Cloud with Purpureum and Prasinum Metallic Crystals Signal 3: Proto-Lagrange Cloud with Purpureum and Rubeum Metallic Crystals

System Name: Lysoosms RA-Q b47-10 (827.42 Ly from Rohini)


I matched the Galactic Record for both Solar Mass and Solar Radius on the C-N Carbon Star. Could almost smell the "Bigger Smaller Hotter Colder" Badge. :(

enter image description here


Pretty blue Earth Like World. Perfect Temperature and Only .2 Earth Masses and .69G ;D

enter image description here