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Asp Explorer
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Mar 22, 2021
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197,246,448 Cr
Honey, I'm home!

Finally I've made a trip around the galaxy. It took 2+ months, started in Horizons and ended in Odyssey, so I've met a better world upon my arrival :) This trip I've faced no stellar phenomenons, which is a pity. Next journey will be reaching Beagle Point going strait to it but keeping the "bottom" of the galaxy all the way. And yes, I'll pilot Orca this time.

Why not?

Guess I'm going to make a trip around the galaxy. I'm planning to keep 1/3 distance from the center moving ccw and making stops at DSSA carriers to flex my limbs. Visiting Beagle point or/and Colonia is in not in my plans, but who knows?