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TFS Silver III [LSE151]
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Nov 5, 2016
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Almost ready

Heat sink synthesis materials are manufactured, so I'm stocking up right now. I have about one refill for each month of travel, and I shouldn't need that many anyway. Heat damage to the modules I can repair with AFMUs, and otherwise I don't expect to be in tricky situations that often.

For the rest of the mats, I have two SRVs with me, and I'm sure I'll get plenty bored on the way, so a change of scenery will be most welcome. I'll prospect and mine my way through the galaxy if needed.

One last decision before departure: Shields and AFMUs or No Shields, one AFMU and repair kit?



  • hull damage from landing should be mitigated on most worlds
  • visiting asteroid fields is a bit less scary


  • can't take the repair kit and AFMU, and I need the AFMU for the inevitable FSD damage on neutron jumps
  • I won't be using them that much in supercruise - they just generate heat and use up fuel
  • can't repair damage to hull and it might add up over time (though other travelers will have repair drones and might be inclined to help)

No Shields:


  • can get 1x AFMU, repair kit and cargo space for limpets
  • can repair damage to hull, so good for the long term
  • no heat generation, no fuel consumption


  • can get only one AFMU. What happens when that fails? Reboot / Repair to 1%?
  • Sometimes - most times - landings aren't that gentle. Damage will build up a lot quicker, more time to fix, more time spent gathering materials...

I don't see myself landing any more than once per 3-5 kly, so the whole trip would be about 60 to 100 landings. That's the biggest threat of hull damage IMO, next being accidental supercruise drops. Which do happen, but damage the power plant as well, so there's no mitigating that...

In the end, it's not a solo mission, so no need to pack for every contingency. Shields it is.

Log begins

Date: 3303.10.14 This is the first log entry of Commander RenoFTW.

Preparing for the Dead End's Circumnavigation Expedtion (DECE). Materials to gather and maybe some more tuning to do, if I can get the right parts.

Sometime next week I should head over to the Witch Head nebula, join the other commanders there and await our departure October 14th.