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(Diamondback Explorer)
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Aug 29, 2021
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The Wild Wild West - The memory of the sunshine (music video)

While heading into the hell of the neutron star, few memories warmed my slowly freezing body. few glasses of cheap gin of course. few funny gifs with lemurs because these freaking high energetic neutron beast have got great internet coverage!

Music: Jan Novak (dsf, CMDR Dejsemfrag Jannak)

The Wild Wild West - Echoes of the farthest point

Music composed by the commander himself...

The Wild Wild West - log 01

Dear wife, I know that it is not easy to live with me. I simply cannot resist the calls from deep space. You know that. I know you know. Do not pretend it is something new to you. We both visited therapist and spoke about this topic a lot. I can hear it again again: "Come to me." It come in dreams and it is shaped like blue B class supergiant - or like your dear mother - I do not know but I'm sure I have to leave and follow the voice. I left while you were sleeping and did not kiss you as I needed to be fast.

The illusion is gone now. I joined the longest expedition I found. It was supposed to lead me to the farthest points of the Galaxy but I missed it. I missed the start date and the place! Now I'm sitting at the bar on the Sleeper Service Carrier in LHS 2687 and waiting for it to depart to the Colonia where I'll try to catch up with the expedition. Like on a bus... How humiliating! Two days drinking that cheap rum! John Satriani have a mercy! It is not bearable!

Yeah, my dear, I'm aware of my drinking problem and will do something about it. As I said last time: I promise!

With love yours Dejsemfrag