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Commander name:
Current ship:
Discovery [BS-117]
Member since:
Aug 19, 2023
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
28,346,974 Cr
Captain's Log

After successfully evacuating several thousand from Vistnero, I have been taking up salvaging in order to collect resources for engineering modules. We have reacquired the Anaconda after it was impounded, (Fucking independants.)

Captain's log. (I give up on Stardates lmao, the calculator is too much effort.)

I have recently rendered aid to Federation citizens in Thargoid controlled systems, evacuating a very decent number of them before the Thargoids hit us with a hyperspace interdiction. The citizens we managed to get out were very appreciative. Unfortunately we lost 6 civilians to Thargoids today. How many more will we lose before the end of this war? What is even the point? We have been fighting in what almost seems like a stalemate for so long now. Why can't they just leave already?

Captain's Log. Stardate 987242.9439687976

I have reassigned myself from the Discovery to a new ship, a Mamba with the name of "Vindicator" The ship is equipped for bounty hunting and has proved itself thus far with its high firepower, exceptional speed, and very good maneuverability. We have pulled in several million in bounties thus far with this ship, it has proved very profitable.

Captain's Log. Stardate 987238.336726281

Upon carrying out duties within Federation space, I have been joined by the "money maker"[NEo-2] and the "Fjellkanen" [KO-28B]. The designation of [BS-117] has been stripped from the Anaconda and given to a Krait Mk II. The Frame Shift Drive is undergoing retrofitting and upgrading, increasing the jump range substantially.

Captain's Log. Stardate 987233.1983764588.

In an effort to find unexplored star systems, Discovery and her sister ship KO-25A have been unsuccessful thus far. We are mapping one final star system before returning to Federation space for much needed retrofitting and resupplying. The Discovery has been holding up better than expected, we have taken some thermal damage while fuel scooping, however, have not been met with any hostile ships so far in deep space.