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Commander name:
Current ship:
Krümel [AD-12A]
(Asp Explorer)
Member since:
Feb 26, 2017
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
573,495,657 Cr
Beagle Point

Approaching Beagle Point... (Yay, finally!!!)

To the Center

I've been there, at the Centre, at Sagittarius A*! I even met 2 CMDRs there, Hermaeus Mora and Ernkiller. And Sok4r0 is on my history list as well, but he did not say hello (or "o7"). It is amazingly big, but honestly, I have seen more beautiful black holes on my way, smaller ones of course, but with a more interesting "background" (more bright stars, the milky way band etc.), which made more exciting patterns around the black hole. But anyway, it was great and exiting, and I got the badge! I dropped on it (lost 1% hull), the exclusion zone started already ~45 Ls from it. I would have liked to fly closer, but arrival time displayed in the HUD was something like 13.7 hours. Maybe next time.

On the way there, I stumbled across one system which was very valuable, one earth-like world, one terraformable water world and an ammonia world. I will be rich, in case I make my way back to civilisation eventually.

I am at 97% hull at the moment (lost the 3% during the last 1 1/2 hours unfortunately), modules are between 91% (chaff launcher, I can live with this) and 100%. FSD is at 98%, fuel scoop at 97%, so not too bad.

I am heading direction Beagle Point now, but as usually with small detours, not on the main highway routes, in order to discover more undiscovered systems.

From Colonia to Sagittarius A*

I am about half way from near Colonia on my way to Sagittarius A* (apart from a little detour slightly North- and downwards I take, because I want to visit more undiscovered systems). It is amazing how many non-sequence stars I encounter on my travel, with a much higher density than usual. Only during the last 24 hours (= 72 jumps), I found 14 neutron stars, white dwarves, and even one black hole - all completely undiscovered! (I don't use them to boost my FSD though, because I want to minimize the damage to my modules. And hey, why should I boost anything here, there is so much cool stuff to discover!)

No way to get across to Outer Arm Vacuus

Here I am at my farthest south point of my travel. I thought I will try how far I will get south, maybe get across the "gap" to the Outer Arm Vacuus. But no chance. The jump range of my well-shielded, fuel rat ready (8 t fuel transfer limpets) AspX is 49.62 Ly, which seems to be far away from being enough to get across. Furthermore, there are hardly any undisovered systems here (there were many on the way here, but the last 10 jumps or so before reaching the "border", all systems were discovered already). At least, on the way here, found my first undiscovered earth-like world on this expedition.

So I think I will make 2, 3 more tries to get further south, but then towards the 3rd waypoint of the expedtion, CD-41 4893.

Expedition start

Started for expedition "Brew first expedition" about an hour ago. And already found the first few undiscovered bodies! It's a good feeling to go exploring again, enjoy the serenity, see things which no one has seen before. Soon, one of the next days, I might switch from monitor to Oculus Rift VR headset, looking forward to that!