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Foggies Hammer [TAE-06]
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May 27, 2017
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3,715,508,946 Cr
Back to the grind

I have been back in the bubble for about 5 days now, cashing in those exploration credits took me over 4 billion credits and more than doubled my credit balance, I decided to splash out a bit of cash on some new ships, so I bought my viper mk 3 and engineered it, its fast, but not as fast as I would like so I will need to get some more engineering done on it to bring it up to the potential I am hoping for. I also got a fer de lance, a ship I have wanted for many years, it just reminds me of the automobiles of old that they used to use for driving very quickly over short distances, dragsters I think they were called, huge engines on a sleek frame and bonkers to watch as they would sometimes explode, mine is a fantastic predator red colour. Finally I bought myself a mining/cargo ship, a Type 10, it has 384 tons of cargo space and kitted out with mining equipment, I have spent a few days mining planetary rings in Shinrarta Dezhra, I didn't scan the rings to look for hotspots, but just pootled about prospecting, I did manage to net some void opals and my first ever lot of low temp diamonds as well. I am on my way to making the money back on the ships I bought.

Today I relocated back to Eravate, my home system and transferred my new ships over from Shinrarta Dezhra to where the rest of my ships are stored in Cleve Hub. I jumped into my vulture and decided to go and hang out at the nav point to see if I could collect a few bounties, and gather some materials and data whilst I was there, I bagged a few ships including taking down a type 10 almost solo and a few other large ships as well including a cutter but that one was more a team effort with the security forces. combat was a lot of fun, I had forgotten how much fun it is to hang behind a large ship pounding it from behind with my lasers.... Ah, my ships have arrived, hopefully some of the data and materials I have gathered will enable me to further engineer them. o7 Commanders

Finally back in the bubble!

I have just arrived outside Jameson Memorial Station and I thought I would take a moment to share with you some stats on my trip, I was last in the bubble in November, I travelled through Wayfairers graveyard and along the Perseus arm, dipping a toe into the formadine rift, I crossed the fallows and visited colonia, then on, across the north of the galactic core and on to beagle point, I then returned via the Saggitarius-Carina Arm, attempting to scan every world I found, a task that over the past week or so has been frustrated by a glitchy FSS, but I got almost all the worlds I could. Below is a breakdown of my journey in numbers:

Jumps 5,135 Traveled Ly 163,401.94 Premium Boost 1 Standard Boost 0 Basic Boost 0 Jet Cone Boost 0 Landed 15 Heat Warning 12 Heat damage 1 Fuel Scooped 5,874 Scooped Tons 25,267.80 Scans 69,351 Mapped 791

Stars A 252 AeBe 1 B 45 DA 3 DAB 1 DC 7 DCV 1 F 511 G 451 H 4 K 1,508 L 1,245 M 4,374 M RedGiant 19 N 21 O 0 T 558 TTS 80 WC 0 WO 0 Y 108

Ammonia world 51 Belt Cluster 13,422 Earthlike body 37 Gas giant with ammonia based life 215 Gas giant with water based life 301 Helium rich gas giant 1 High metal content body 8,510 Icy body 26,233 Metal rich body 366 Rocky body 5,096 Rocky ice body 2,396 Sudarsky class I gas giant 1,997 Sudarsky class II gas giant 359 Sudarsky class III gas giant 685 Sudarsky class IV gas giant 76 Sudarsky class V gas giant 8 Water giant 20 Water world 389

I nearly came a cropper a couple of times, once when I got disorientated near a black hole and just now, 20,000Mm from Jameson memorial when another commander attempted to interdict me, I could have fought, but the memories of losing my ship in colonia due to overheating lasers prompted me to flee, but once I get the laser issue sorted I will be happy to engage you in combat sir. My docking slot has opened and I need to enter the station now, I hope I can remember how to do this docking thing, its been a while. Fly Safe Commanders o7

Damn FSS *thump* *Thump* *THUMP*

Yesterday I moved from Hawkings gap to the next sector of space - Outer Orion Spur, I am currently 7331 light years from my target, this is 238 jumps to go, so hopefully 2 to 3 days travel and my FSS has started playing up, I have noticed other commanders have reported the same issue so I am guessing its some sort of generic software bug in the scanner. if I try to scan a planet more than about 130,000 ls away then the scanner seems to rotate within itself and this makes scanning these targets impossible. I am guessing if I travel closer to the target then I might be able to scan it, but so far they all seem to be in the icey planet range, if they were water worlds, ammonia and earth likes then I will travel there. Hopefully then I will get back fairly quickly and be able to sell all this data.

Slight detour and oops moment!

Making my way through Hawkings gap on my way back to the bubble yesterday and decided to take a slight detour to a planetary nebula at Prungoa EF-A e5 also known as Red Coral on the EDSM map, it is listed as having a black hole at its centre so it must have been a big supernova to create the nebula, I had already travelled about 1000 ly yesterday and it was about 3500 ly away, I figured it was doable as a target for the day so set to work making my way there, I was able to continue scanning all systems and mapping some of them as well. I still have not found any spacebourne life forms in the hawkings gap region and I had thought that maybe this planetary nebula would hold the life forms I am seeking, but unfortunately due to it being a supernova reminant if there was any life there, its gone. Approaching the nebula I was struck with its beauty, a ball of red and green/black swirls hanging in space like a frozen firework from old earth. I did hit a problem when I entered the nebula, I dipped into the FSS to scan the system, then I hit the black hole exclusion zone and dropped out of super cruise. I got really disorientated and it seemed whichever way I pointed the ship I was overheating and hitting the exclusion zone, I finally managed to point myself in a good direction and got myself into supercruise and away from the black hole by about 2000 light seconds. I decided that that was a good location to finish my travels for the day. I have now plotted my route to Shinrarta Dezhra, just over 18,000 ly away, my travels will then end for now, I hope to get some work towards my other ranks and purchase a few ships, maybe also work towards getting some special modifications via powerplay.

I have entered Hawking's gap.....Ooooeeeerrr Missus!!

A couple of days ago I passed into the Hawkings Gap sector of space and have made some good progress, yesterday I travelled 3800 ly scanning as I went. I have noticed that this region of space does not appear to have a lot in the way of life forms. There are a few planet based life forms but nothing spacebourne, very few clouds as well, I will travel through this sector to return home, hopefully finding something I am the first discoverer of, if not, I may back head this way with a ship dedicated to tracking down space bourne life, but I need to get back first!

I can see my house from here.....nearly!

I am on my way home, making my way along the sagittarius-carina arm and about 44,000ly from Sol, since my last docking which feels like years ago, but in reality is only about 3 months ago I have travelled nearly 113,000ly in 3597 jumps and scanned 48,525 bodies. I have noticed as I have worked my way along this arm of the galaxy a lot more spacebourne life than I found on my journey to Beagle Point. it is mainly Peduncle Trees of various sorts and the pods associated with them, I have noticed there do not appear to be any other life forms with them such as space molluscs, just the trees and pods, maybe the trees do not produce anything that the molluscs can utilise or maybe the cloud of gas and dust surrounding them is toxic somehow to the molluscs, that will be for someone else to confirm, I am just passing through. I have decided that my destination when I return to the bubble will be Shinrarta Dezhra, I plan to finally buy myself an anaconda and kit it out for mining, I am also planning on getting a fer de lance and a viper as a canyon racer built for speed, not sure yet as to whether it will be a mark 3 or 4, I will figure that out when I come to buy it. I do need to spend some time in the bubble, I desperately want to get my next two elite ranks - trade and combat, but both of those rely on interaction with others, and even though I am not back yet to experience that....I crave another journey out into the black exploring. The peace of a quiet comms system, the rhythmic jump, scoop, scan, jump, scoop, scan, jump is hypnotic, the imaginary sounds of credits tumbling into my account when I find a high value planet is delicious, the taste of my skin when I lick my own face.....mmmmmm face!

Beagle Point!

Last night I finally arrived at Beagle point! I got to 500ly away and needed to use a FSD boost, so I created a premium boost, then when I plotted the route, the first jump ended up being 15ly.... not impressed lol! looking at my stats, since my last dock (Colonia) I have travelled over 64,100 ly and my total distance travelled is 424,482ly so I am thinking that my return journey will go east along the Sagittaurius-Carina arm and follow it round until I get back to the bubble, this will hopefully take me over 500,000ly and another badge under my belt. I will have a bit of an explore on the planets of Beagle point first before heading back in a couple of days. I imagine the first thousand ly or so will be difficult with the route plotting but once the star density increases it should be fairly easy to get the route plotted.

Almost there!

I entered the region of the galaxy known as the abyss a few days ago, I am now just over 5000ly from Beagle point, the star density here makes plotting routes difficult, but not impossible. I am also hitting several systems which have already been mapped by other commanders, this is to be expected and to be honest, it is nice to see some names on the stars after all this time. I have yet to use any FSD boost materials and I am hoping not to need to, time will tell however. After beagle point I am not yet sure of my route home, I may head back along the sagittarius-carina arm to the bubble and dock at founders world, from there I could purchase a couple of ships to add to the collection, so far I have got about 1/2 a billion credits in exploration data - not counting first discovery and mapping bonuses so, by the time I get home I could well hit a billion credits for this long as I don't get ambushed by a pirate on the return journey! I will write again once I have arrived a beagle point.

Halfway point

I have arrived at the Scheau Blao AA-A H513 nebula - on EDSM it is listed as the Inner Rim Nebula, its about 32,000 ly from Sol and 33,000 ly from Beagle Point, my journey through Rykers hope had me pass through a number of neutron star systems, all undiscovered, then I arrived at the nebula in the hope of finding some biological signals and notable stella phenomenon but drew a blank so far on both, I have had 25 jumps around the nebula in undiscovered and previously discovered systems and they all appear to be fairly standard systems. Tomorrow I will plot the first 20,000 ly leg to beagle point from here and set off. I may have to take a roundabout route to get there as the star density will be dropping as I leave the area near the core, but I will see how things go.

Onward mighty...erm...Krait!

I ended up buying an Eagle to go and explore the stella phenomenomenomenom and they were mostly crystals with some space jellyfish things as well. I sold the eagle and jumped back in the Krait and went to a high risk mining site to do a bit of bounty hunting, it was all going quite well until I decided to take on an anaconda, which kicked my skinny ginger butt all the way to the rebuy screen! the first time in a very long time I have ended up there. for some reason my weapons badly overheated during the combat, I think I need to engineer them to not generate so much heat, that will be a job for when I am next in the bubble. I am now plowing on in the first 20,000ly leg of my trip to Beagle point, my destination at the moment is just on the other side (from Sol) of the core and I am only a few hundred ly from Colonia and already finding tons of undiscovered systems, I have nearly made up the rebuy costs in exploration data already so hopefully there will be an excellent payout when I return home. 20,000ly worth of jumps is just short of 600 actual jumps with the improved range of the Krait, so hopefully the journey won't take too long, even with the scanning. I do need to drop into the CQC deathmatches again, I do enjoy the high speed insanity of the game. maybe at the weekend for a couple of hours.