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Its A Krait Day [Tae 08]
(Krait MkII)
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May 27, 2017
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2,026,109,530 Cr
Almost there!

I entered the region of the galaxy known as the abyss a few days ago, I am now just over 5000ly from Beagle point, the star density here makes plotting routes difficult, but not impossible. I am also hitting several systems which have already been mapped by other commanders, this is to be expected and to be honest, it is nice to see some names on the stars after all this time. I have yet to use any FSD boost materials and I am hoping not to need to, time will tell however. After beagle point I am not yet sure of my route home, I may head back along the sagittarius-carina arm to the bubble and dock at founders world, from there I could purchase a couple of ships to add to the collection, so far I have got about 1/2 a billion credits in exploration data - not counting first discovery and mapping bonuses so, by the time I get home I could well hit a billion credits for this long as I don't get ambushed by a pirate on the return journey! I will write again once I have arrived a beagle point.

Halfway point

I have arrived at the Scheau Blao AA-A H513 nebula - on EDSM it is listed as the Inner Rim Nebula, its about 32,000 ly from Sol and 33,000 ly from Beagle Point, my journey through Rykers hope had me pass through a number of neutron star systems, all undiscovered, then I arrived at the nebula in the hope of finding some biological signals and notable stella phenomenon but drew a blank so far on both, I have had 25 jumps around the nebula in undiscovered and previously discovered systems and they all appear to be fairly standard systems. Tomorrow I will plot the first 20,000 ly leg to beagle point from here and set off. I may have to take a roundabout route to get there as the star density will be dropping as I leave the area near the core, but I will see how things go.

Onward mighty...erm...Krait!

I ended up buying an Eagle to go and explore the stella phenomenomenomenom and they were mostly crystals with some space jellyfish things as well. I sold the eagle and jumped back in the Krait and went to a high risk mining site to do a bit of bounty hunting, it was all going quite well until I decided to take on an anaconda, which kicked my skinny ginger butt all the way to the rebuy screen! the first time in a very long time I have ended up there. for some reason my weapons badly overheated during the combat, I think I need to engineer them to not generate so much heat, that will be a job for when I am next in the bubble. I am now plowing on in the first 20,000ly leg of my trip to Beagle point, my destination at the moment is just on the other side (from Sol) of the core and I am only a few hundred ly from Colonia and already finding tons of undiscovered systems, I have nearly made up the rebuy costs in exploration data already so hopefully there will be an excellent payout when I return home. 20,000ly worth of jumps is just short of 600 actual jumps with the improved range of the Krait, so hopefully the journey won't take too long, even with the scanning. I do need to drop into the CQC deathmatches again, I do enjoy the high speed insanity of the game. maybe at the weekend for a couple of hours.

Made it to Colonia!

Today I finally arrived at Jaques station in Colonia, My journey along the Perseus Arm topped out at a 40,773 ly trip from the soul nebula to here, during the trip I have scanned the following, most of which are first discoveries for me, some of which I mapped as well: Ammonia world 29 Belt Cluster 3,977 Earthlike body 9 Gas giant with ammonia based life 82 Gas giant with water based life 124 Helium rich gas giant 19 High metal content body 2,644 Icy body 9,365 Metal rich body 117 Rocky body 1,530 Rocky ice body 649 Sudarsky class I gas giant 731 Sudarsky class II gas giant 116 Sudarsky class III gas giant 201 Sudarsky class IV gas giant 26 Sudarsky class V gas giant 2 Water giant 3 Water world 197 Stars A 77 B 12 F 148 G 106 H 1 K 438 L 444 M 1,416 M RedGiant 4 T 207 TTS 50 Y 51 This gave me 580,944,739cr for the exploration data, which has now pushed me over 2 billion credits in cash :) I am going to have a couple of days pootling around colonia, there are a number of signal sources to look at, I have not seen any of the space lifeforms yet so it could be fun to go and prod them with a ship, I may buy myself a stock sidewinder to go and play, just in case theres any of those lightning storms out there. I plan to head to Beagle point at the weekend, I now have a guardian FSD booster which pushes my jump range to about 35ly, I might see if I can change my armour to something lighter to boost it a bit more, will see what happens. o7

Buzzing through the systems now!

I must say, I am rather liking the new FSS and DSS on my ship, as per my previous log entries, I am on a journey along the Perseus arm northwest and north then across the far side of the core to make the trip to Beagle Point. My policy has been to scan every world in every system as I am exploring, I like to collect data on the journey, its not just for me on getting there as quickly as possible then moving on to the next thing. The FSS has meant that my system scanning speed has increased to a startling pace, before it installed itself, I was averaging a maximum of maybe 15 jumps a day, now I am up around 70 jumps a day and my rate of credit accumulation has increased as well, I am currently at 75,837,870 so far for this journey not including first discovery bonuses, mapping bonuses, and codex bonuses as well. I am going to modify my journey a bit, I am probably going to get to the end of the perseus arm, double back slightly and go to colonia, I went there about 18 months ago or so on my way back from Sag A* and I am interested in seeing how much the area has changed, hopefully, now I have a spare slot, I can hopefully find a guardian tech broker in colonia to get a FSD booster, then I can head to beagle point from there going across the top of the core. At some point I may even buy myself an anaconda and kit it out for mining, the new mining tools look rather fun. I do miss combat and running missions as well, but there is a definate thrill to this exploring that I cannot shake.

Chapter 4 incoming!

Its less than a week until chapter 4 drops, I am looking forward to the changes in exploration that the update will bring. unfortunately because of work, I won't be home when the update becomes available, so I have to wait until I return on Thursday to play. Oh well, its the nature of the beasty sometimes I guess! I am currently working my way along the Perseus Arm, currently in the Via Maris region, had first discovery on a couple of water worlds and an earth like as well. I have also discovered...I say discovered, its been here all the while! but I have "discovered" how to submit distances on the EDSM website so I can work towards some more badges, I am submitting distances every 4 or 5 systems that I scan, I don't really know why I chose that ratio but its what I ended up with. I still plan to go to beagle point and I have been collecting materials to boost my FSD as I am only capable of jumps of about 25ly, I can apparently also make it there via the Eurus area, but we will see how things go.

Last docking for a while

Yesterday I stopped off at the base in Soul Sector EL-Y d7, its an asteroid base in the rings of a gas giant sitting just inside the soul nebula, its an incredibly pretty location, my efforts of scanning everything and anything on the way netted me about 60,000,000 credits which has brought me up to just under my previous credit balance before I bought various ships after my trip to the core. I also stopped off on the second moon of the gas giant to vist the "doom geysers" they are some water geysers which at night are lit by the light of the nebula and they look blood red, very disturbing! note to self - do not drive over one of the big geysers as they do launch you over a km into the air! My next planned stop is a location on the map called the sapphire veil, apparently it is a moon which intersects the rings of a gas giant, and it has some interesting effects if you are on the surface at the time. its about 640 ly from my current location and I will be continuing with the scan everything philosophy, it has slowed my progress down to a crawl, but it is proving very profitable.

Stopped off for a cuppa

I have been spending some exploration time heading towards the Wayfairers graveyard after spending a few days pootling around aimlessly scanning everything just outside the bubble, every system I have been scanning everything available, I then decided to head towards NGC 7822 as it had a research station where I could offload some survey caches and the exploration data. so 45,000,000 credits later I am sitting in the Gorgon Research Facility trying to plan where to go next, I am still rather tempted to go to the Wayfairers graveyard, then west along the perseus arm, dip into the formidine rift, just for the badge then, continue around the galaxy to the far side of the core, then try for beagle point from there just so I can say I have been, then either come back straight through the core, or continue around the galaxy clockwise until I come back to the bubble that way. the whole plan of scanning everything means that overall progress is slow, but isn't that part of what exploring is about? recording what you see, it's about the journey, not how fast you can get to the destination and back again.

Its going to take a long time, but each journey starts with the first hyperspace jump....but first...another cuppa!

Out into the black again!

Well, its been a while since my last post, been playing occasionally, but work demands and acquring one of these girlfriend things have curtailed some of my gaming time! Since my last update I have been working on my combat and trading ranks and they are slowly creeping up, I also got to leutenant in the federation by doing a few missions, I am currently about 51% on that rank so I should rank up when I do some more missions in the bubble. I did buy myself a Krait mk2 when they came out with the update and I will be honest, it has become quite a favourite ship to fly, combat it is pretty solid and packs a good punch, its got a resonable size for cargo, not huge but it does shift most of the stuff in the missions I have taken and it looks really pretty in the external views as well. I also picked up some of those iridescent paint jobs and kitted out the Krait and my Asp Explorer with new colour schemes and they look pretty good. I did switch to my asp and joined the Gnosis for its planned visit to the COL 70 sector, and was in a meeting in London the day she jumped so was not able to play until I returned, that was fun times with the Thargoids attacking as soon as anyone went near the ship, but I did manage to get to the Barnacle site and collect a hold full of meta alloys, I then returned to the bubble, jumped in the Krait and after a week or so of doing missions and collecting materials and data for future engineering, I have decided to take the Krait out for a spin in the black properly. I am heading vaguely towards the formadine rift with a view to getting the badge and I may just work my way around the galaxy scanning everything, its going to take a long time to do this trip, hopefully there will be a bubble for me to return to, I am guessing it will take between 9 months and a year for the trip depending on other commitments outside of the galaxy!

Been a bit quiet

Haven't been playing a huge amount recently, been only getting a couple of sessions in each week, to be honest, I have needed a bit of a break so have been playing skyrim and recently got Kerbal Space Programme which is quite good fun, but has a very steep learning curve, especially in career mode. I also had a bit of an issue with the VR headset, it was not detecting when i put it on. I tried resetting the graphics card drivers, and the Occulus rift software and was becomming convinced there was a problem with it. but it turned out to be the USB 3 card in the computer had poor contacts, I managed to reseat the board but if I screw it in to secure it, it pulls the contacts away from the slot so I have left it unsecured, it seems to be quite happy now though.

I recently decided to get myself a vulture, I fancied a small quick craft which I can use in combat zones to get some combat bonds and for a bit of bounty hunting. its quite a tough little ship and I have had some fun with pythons and covettes, it does need to have its thrusters engineered and sheilds upgraded as well, but its good fun so far, I do have the craving to go exploring again so I may have to break out Binky again soon, but I want to get another rank on both my combat and trader ranks before I do. Where to go though, I would like to go to beagal point via colonia and the north west sector of the galaxy, it will be a journey of several months for me, but I think I will wait until the next update drops at the end of the month, see whats happening then do my happy wanderer bit again :)