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tymora [digher]
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Jul 19, 2017
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1,200,261,636 Cr
Log Entry for 3304-04-14 (supplemantal)

Finally arrived at ! It's beautiful out here!

Log Entry for 3304-04-14

It was close. The crew began fighting over what to watch next. D.O.R.I.S. wanted the cat to share some of its catch. Had to point out that we had plenty of food in stock. I managed to calm them now by playing some old music I'd stored in the library for myself. Complaints were made, but they eventually settled back and started to watch old episodes of Stargate SG1, and no one even complained, or even mentioned again what a 'tard Dr. Smith had been from last night's vid comms. Might have been the vodka I added to their morning coffee. shrug

Oh! And Commander Dreubaud came by with fuel and doughnuts this morning. That was very kind of him since we were almost out of power. I figured the vodka would help us deal with the fact that we were about to die soon. Thankfully, THAT didn't happen. Also turns out that it wasn't 'Fool Rats', but 'Fuel Rats'. After I get the ship's hold cleaned up, I'll contact someone to retrieve the ships that got left behind. Wonder if there's a salvage reward for that. And, of course, I'll send condolences out and all that.

Now, onto our destination. Looks pretty awesome from the cockpit. Won't be long now. I have Commander Dreubaud's ship in tow, since he spent all night preparing for our rescue. He's asleep now, and I didn't even have to slip him any vodka. Bless his heart.

Mayday (cont.)

Entry for 3304-04-13 (supplemental)

Finally got most of the crew settled in until rescue. Needed to turn off some of the ship's life support where it wasn't needed. Eden and Kate are on watch, but enjoying reruns of an old Earth show called "Lost in Space'. Might be counter productive, but at least they're amused.

Somehow, Shadow has some rats cornered. At least according to ALIX. Seems odd, though, because we never encountered any for ages. Even Colonia didn't have rats. When I asked ALIX about it, before she shut down, she said D.O.R.I.S. had mentioned that they were 'fool rats', or something similar. In any case, I trust that Shadow is taking care of them. And us.

I'm headed for bed while we wait on Commander Dreubaud tomorrow. I hope he fares better than we did.


Entry for 3304-04-13 Having explored outside the Bubble for several weeks, I've finally got a destination in mind. Going to check it out. It's been very quiet, yet exciting. I've uploaded pictures of my findings along the way. Even managed to meet up with my friend Commander Dreubaud a couple of times. Seems we like the same views. No other contact so far, though. I miss that, I guess. Yet, I do enjoy the solitude at times. The crew keeps me company, and, Shadow, our cat, is happy to play with us. He's incredibly good at keeping the vermin down to a dull roar in the hold. But, really, what else would you expect of a cat?

Interestingly, I'm suddenly getting contact from old friends several light years away. I'll check into those.

Leaving the crew in charge while I'm away from the cockpit. Should be fine. We're in a stable system, no one around, and no enemy contacts on the scanner. GalNet has no knowledge of Thargoids in this sector, which is always a good thing. We're far enough away from the Neutron Star we took advantage of, and only eight more jumps before we need to change direction. Going to take advantage of the lull, and get some needed rest. Besides, my butt hurts from sitting at the Con for so long.

Entry for 3304-04-13 (supplemental)

Maybe I overestimated my crew. We are now locked in a Neutron Star system with no fuel. Down to 0.7 t and nothing close enough to acquire materials, or fuel from. Apparently the crew may have taken advantage of my absence to do other things. No one had even a thought to monitor the systems, fuel, scanners. Ultimately my own fault, but this is basic stuff. I understand. It's been months since last contact, or shore leave, but we're now in a serous situation. Once I figure out how to deal with the situation, I'll have to rectify the lack of professionalism which brought us to this. A crew rotation sounds like a good idea, as long as I can find a competent one. Maybe an example of sending one of them out of the airlock would help. (Scratch that entry. It's not professional) Of course, that's IF we make it out of this dilemma. Meanwhile, I've shut down all non essential systems to give us more time as we look at other options. I refuse to believe that there isn't hope. We always seem to come up with a plan, plus, I have my fingers crossed.

I've sent out a Mayday, and I hope to get a friendly response. Soon. Very soon.

Entry for 3304-04-13 (supplemental)

Message received from Commander Dreubaud. Thankfully, he's still within communications. Transmitted our data, and he's going to attempt a trip to Colonia for supplies for us before our systems shut down. If all goes well, we should see him in about 20 hours. I believe our supplies will last a week, but it remains that the ship's power may not last as long. I've set up a crew rotation to look after systems, and minimize use of our remaining atmosphere. I've also asked Shadow to keep an eye on the crew. Hey, can't hurt. My fingers are still crossed. Just hope it's enough.