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Commander name:
Current ship:
Der Verschollene [DE-102]
Member since:
Sep 22, 2017
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
589,117,910 Cr
Time Passes

Long after the conclusion of the Apollo IV 50th Anniversary Expedition, I continue to sit on this rock to view the eclipse that will come again.

I've conducted one viewing and hope for more data with a second.

Colonia... Again... Again

For the 4th time we head back to Colonia. Decisions have been made to eschew the storage of outfitting modules in exchange for a shipyard hangar where visitors will be able to store multiple ships of their own. We will be picking up another rider and those on board will be able to move mining and exploration modules to the carrier before we head back out, this time toward Oob Chreou in the Inner Orion-Perseus Conflux where we will engage in a short survey before continuing on before finally, hopefully, reaching the Izanami region.

Dryio Bloo

I feel comfortable in ending the survey here. There is a sequence that seems to be the key in coming across Leutoleum Molluscs

LT-Y D1-###


Found Trit double overlap at Skaudai SJ-B B58-1 Planet 4. Been mining for days. A couple thousand tons for both Sirrus's and my carriers to continue on Christmas Carriers Convoy 5.

IMP Rescue

saved some people


Building a Python for mining


Visited W Ursae Majoris


Killed some Goids today