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Commander name:
Current ship:
Alpina B12iL [X-755E]
Member since:
Oct 25, 2017
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
3,239,223,352 Cr

got the Triangulator @ Smojeia PI-B d13-133 :-)enter image description here

Explorer's End
finally reached the Zurara

trying to get more details about the formidine rift conspiracy / mystery :-D i´ve visited all 4 sites of the Project Dynasty Formidine Rift Exploration.

Syreadiae JX-F c0

Scanned all beacons, they will launch their signals every 15mins of the clock, so xx:00, xx:15, xx:30 and xx:45

one thing was quite strange at the beta site / EAFOTS LZ-H B10-0: i´ve found 2 identical beacons ???

enter image description here enter image description hereenter image description here

...and the Soul Nebulae

[Base Camp @ Soul Sector EL-Y d7] (

enter image description here

now back to business

first asteroid base located in the Heart Nebulae

finally my conda gets even washed and polished now ;-)

Is this the Place where Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen started their Modern Talking Carreer with the No#1 hit you´re my heart, you´re my soul? once upon a time back in the 80´ies. I met them back then in our famous Discotheque "POINT" in Emmelshausen, Germany LOL :-P

Farsight Expedition Base

enter image description here

visited Altera's Eye

on my way to the formidine rift mystery, i´ve made a stop at the famous

IC 1805 Sector DQ-Y e3

enter image description here

visited the "New Horizons" probe

Fandom Wiki

current Distances from:

Sol: 1,726,716 ls Sedna: 1,527,587 ls Persephone: 1,879,571 ls

enter image description here

Voyager 2

visited the Voyager II probe

Voyager 2

Fandom Wiki

current Distances from:

Sol: 2,069,476 ls Sedna: 1,735,236 ls Persephone: 2,367,165 ls

rusty V2 sign :-)

Voyager I

visited the first unmanned probe of the NASA and earth mankinds send to outerspace in 09-05-1977 with the "golden record" :-D

Voyager 1

Fandom Wiki

current Distances from:

Sol: 2,317,434 ls Sedna: 2,380,775 ls Persephone: 2,383,947 ls

enter image description here

got an Guardian FSD Booster

nice stuff, 10,5 LY plus with that nice little tool!

DTEA vid