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MegaMelter [VADM12]
(Federal Corvette)
Member since:
Oct 30, 2017
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15,163,551,424 Cr
I nipped around the corner.

Thought I'd slip off out the back door from my duties at the 12th Fleet to do some house keeping. I need some materials it's been a while since I've gathered them and I heard some new engineers have set up shop in Colonia. Thought I'd go take a look. o7

Been a while, I forget to write here...

It's been a busy time. I came across some travellers when I was on a mass transit of CMDRs to the furthest place away from my birth I'd ever encountered. We have since banded together and the 12th fleet of over 200 strong now is the fruits of our labour.

Distant worlds 2 and the return.

So, DW2, it's finally "over". I forged my own pathway back finding several hundred new Neutron stars on way back from Beagle point. I also found quite a nasty White dwarf with exclusion zone passed the cone end. That stung a little, I've marked that to be avoided!

I've met many CMDRs on this trip they are a great bunch overall. I often telepresence back to them, feels like I never left. But it's back to the day job, protecting Terra-Ex Corp. I also need to have another look at the old bubble bus, seems we have some extra slots to play with, those guys at central command sure know how to find space where there was none!

Triple Elite: 02/09/3304

Now, to play! enter image description here

Back homeward bound

Time to head this wagon east!


So it's time to pick a direction and head out. I'm not making the long leap to SAG A or Colonia. I'm chasing the 5K LY flight for Palin. In the direction I'm heading I'm discovering stars for the first time! I almost feel like a real explorer now. Once Palin has taken a look at my drives, I may head out back to the black and see SAG A for myself. This is my first time passing 1K LY from home I hope my preparations are good, I don't want to die out there.

I'm heading for a system with just 1 thousand souls. I do hope some are friendly... o7 CMDR imaner76