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Commander name:
Current ship:
frau blooga [1MD-DW]
(Beluga Liner)
Member since:
Jan 13, 2018
Distances submitted:
Systems visited:
Systems discovered first:
1,404,371,399 Cr

After an elaborate hoax sent me buckyballing 28,000ly in a single evening, stopped only by server maintenance, I'm back on course to finish the Beagle Point Expedition.


The DECE group is scheduled to meet up at Beagle Point one month from today. I think I'll join them, since I'll be in the neighborhood.

Beagle Point: Take 2

I've made another trip to Colonia, and today I'm plotting a course to Beagle Point again. With the valuable experience gained on my last failed attempt, and some better preparation, I am not concerned about another failure. I should be back in Centralis with time to spare.

I'm rich, bitch.

FDev killed a massive moneymaking exploit, but not before I pulled 1.5 billion out of a skimmer spawn. This has financed a fleet of ships, each slowly being built to a unique purpose. I've set up shop in Galileo Station orbiting the Moon for now, and will likely trade/mine my way up to Elite to take advantage of Shinrata's 10% discount on future purchases.

Expensive shortcut

216,324,514 Cr in scan data. 1500 EDSM discoveries. 2616 scans. 106894LY over 2818 jumps.

All lost to a 2.7G landing.

Out of the Black

Limited jump range made reaching Beagle Point difficult, but I was finally able to get there thanks to the guidance of past visitors. Getting out, however, was even more difficult. Crossing the Abyss without knowing Route 33 existed took hours of careful plotting and occasional backtracking. I have finally crossed back into the Galactic Aphelion, and scan estimates indicate that I should reach Elite Explorer even if I beeline for civilization.

I think, however, that I'll switch the NavCom over to economic mode and take the scenic route back to Centralis, and eventually make my way to Jefferson Memorial to outfit myself for the next phase of my journey.


Reached SAG A*. Got a decent video, put it on reddit. Mike is catching up too fast to be scanning anything of worth. Levi isn't playing much this week. Eric thinks I'm nuts for enjoying things he doesn't enjoy.

Colonia arrival.

Expedition complete. Time to re-outfit and prepare for Beagle Point.

Connection Lost

Server went down for maintenance when I was less than 100M from the landing pad. 5 more seconds was all I needed. Hopefully I don't relog inside the mailslot or something.


Xnaas shouldn't be able to see this.