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(Diamondback Explorer)
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Mar 25, 2018
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Systems discovered first:
479,229,126 Cr
Supplemental Exploration Log 003-02

Made it to the center, **SAG A*** is massive.

I thought black holes were disappointing but I was wrong, once you see what the center has to show you can feel the pull of it just by looking at it.

**SAG A*** was a good choice to start exploration with, I don't know if I will want to continue with this career though.

I sold my exploration data to a carrier in **Sag A*, it was called PANDORA**. This carrier take 25% of everything but I thought about a "quick return" to the bubble so may as well sell at a small loss, not that I needed the Credits anyways.

Page one: 12,124,506 CR/ First Discoveries 230 Bodies

Page two: 6,867,874 CR/ First Discoveries 276 Bodies

Page Three: 5,480,124 CR/ First Discoveries 192 Bodies

Supplemental Exploration Log 003-01

Made it to the GREAT ANNIHILATOR, honestly, black holes are a bit of a disappointment but the value of the new discoveries makes the trips worth it.

Even though the black holes feel disappointing to look at I am still moving towards Sag A as I want to explore POI like these and be able to say I made the trips myself.

Exploration Log 003-00

Started today's Journey from the KYLOABS SJ-Q E5-6013 system moving toward the GREAT ANNIHILATOR. This could be a quick trip but I have decided to take my time and attempt to discover new worlds and systems.

traveling with a mixture of neutron stars and system "regular" jumps I will make my way towards my destination.

Supplemental Exploration Log 002-01

Found a 2A AMFU at EXODUS REACH station in the RATRAII system. I also repainted Meili's Cane, She deserved a nice touch-up after the paint was brought down to 0%. A good explorer takes care of his ship.

Now plotting a route to the GREAT ANNAHILATOR deciding on the speed vs travel sights is a difference of 62 Jumps vs 184 jumps. One will give me more money and sights to behold the other will only get me there slightly faster considering I will have to pause to fill up and repair every so often.

The decision is not made yet. I will go to the galley eat and rest for a bit prior to making a final decision.

Exploration Log 002-00

Reached Tir with a limping FSD, I really need to get a hold of an AMFU.

Upon arrival, I sold my exploration data to the HOTCOL faction at DOHLER DEPOT. Page one: 15,219,976 CR, 243 First Discoveries Page Two: 27,183,811 CR, 324 First Discoveries For a total of

42,403,787 CR

First to map BLAA PHOE EP-A D100, 4 Bodies

Overall a good log was submitted. My next course of action is to attempt to find an AMFU in one of the multiple fleet carriers or stations in this system.

Supplemental Exploration Log 001-02

Found my first Blackhole today.

I was apparently the first one to discover it but according to the Codex someone else claimed the discovery first. The location system was BOELTD BA-A G1943. it also was the location of two dual Ringed gas giants (I have not mapped them).

I am now continuing my way towards the Tir system.

Exploration Log 001-01

Moving towards the Great annihilator at a slow pace. realized about 1/3 of the way that I have not equipped an AFMU and is going to be an issue with these travels.

I decided to press on and go to stations and planetary settlements along the way to ensure the proper functioning of my FSD. This situation does slow my progress down.

The plan is to move towards Tir to improve my fuel scoop and then proceed to the great annihilator, once I visit that area Sag A will be my next stop.

I turned in close to 100 mil worth of exploration data at GARGARIN GATE. I wanted to keep it on me but decided against it with the current situation of not having an AFMU. With the multiple first discoveries, including 2 ELW I did not want to lose.

I realized also that once this visit to Sag A is complete I will attempt to find transport to reach the bubble faster and return to a more well-rounded ship. Although I am enjoying this trip I do miss the combat opportunities. Maybe I'll attempt to build a Xeno fighter that can reach further in the system.