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cut the sh!p [1l5-dw]
(Imperial Cutter)
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Jan 16, 2016
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Here it is!

Gah! Finally!

I got myself this little logbook to keep notes on my journies out in the black and immediately lost it shortly after leaving LHS 3447 all those years ago. Was cleaning out the 'ol rusty bucket of a Sidewinder I have and found it under the sliding mechanism of the cockpit chair.

Of course.

Man this thing would've saved me so many headaches in the past. There's notes posted up all over my ships. Now I can just keep all the info I need to jot down or interesting POIs I run across in here without worrying about losing the piece of paper I wrote it down on or trying to find the right one.

As long as I don't loose this logbook again that is.

Welp, here's to the many more pages to be written in and to the wonderful discoveries my destiny awaits!